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I am a proud wife and mother, and a born again Christian. I work from home as a writer while taking care of Miss N, our six-year-old, Miss M, our four-year-old and Miss C, our newest bundle of joy. Life is crazy but so much fun!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun at the Museum

OK, so I know it's been a while. I wanted to make sure all of my blog readers saw the previous post! Anyways, we have been having lots of fun, and one highlight of the last month was taking Natalie to the Discovery Center, a children's museum here in Rockford. Here are some pictures from that adventure. We went with some of the kids from our playgroup.

Making dinner in the little cottage.

The Water Table was the biggest hit. Her sweater was SOAKED! I was glad it was really hot in there!

After pulling all of the books off the shelf, she put them all back! Good girl!


And here are a couple of videos. The first one is doing the motions to "If You're Happy and You Know It" which is her favorite song. Forgive the poor singing in the background. I didn't inherit the musical genes my brother did. The second one is a few of her words. She's talking more, although still somewhat behind, but at least she is finally starting to try to repeat words I say to her. Enjoy!

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Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

And, for those who care, my pregnancy is still going well. The sickness is gradually subsiding and I have gotten more and more energy every day. That first trimester is a killer. This week I will be 12 weeks. The baby is due August 5. I had an appointment Thursday. They couldn't hear the heartbeat but they saw it on the ultrasound, so everything looks good!