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I am a proud wife and mother, and a born again Christian. I work from home as a writer while taking care of Miss N, our six-year-old, Miss M, our four-year-old and Miss C, our newest bundle of joy. Life is crazy but so much fun!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Month Old!

I can't believe our "little" baby is a month old already. She is growing into quite a chunk! Natalie was a chunky baby too, it just took her a little longer to get caught up. We are settling into a routine and are even venturing to a zoo tomorrow with both girls! Look for more pictures later!

On a side note, we are potty training, and man it is actually fun! Natalie is enjoying her successes and saying some very funny things. One day when I was having her sit on the potty but she couldn't go, she said, "This potty not working momma." Now when she doesn't' have to go she says, "I'm empty." The funniest thing was when she had her first real success, she got so excited and said, "It's coming out of my body! It's working!" She even went several times at church today and at Culver's after church.

We bought some "supplies" at Target, such as panties. She was VERY excited about the panties (hey, they have princesses and ponies on them) and we were carting around Target and she was yelling "I have panties!" I had to explain to her that panties are exciting, but they aren't something we talk about in public. I think she will be trained for #1 quite quickly, but we have yet to have a good success with #2. I am open to pointers!

Here are some pictures.

What does your two-year-old do when you are sweeping the kitchen? Mine drags out all of her sister's diapers and makes a road!

Waiting for Aunt Tina to come on the train!

Watching for the train with daddy.

LOVE this outfit!

Megan McKenzie - 1 month old

SO sleepy!

We definitely have curls - if I could just figure out how to keep them from going into an afro when they are dry we would be in good shape!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fire Station Trip

Today we went to the fire station with some friends. One of the moms we have met through playgroup has a brother who works at a local fire station, and we got a short tour. Natalie was a little scared but we had fun. The funny thing was she would let the fireman put her into the fire truck, but no way could he take her out - Mommy had to do that! Here are some pictures. Megan was content in her stroller the whole time.

She was too scared to touch the fire hose herself.

The whole crew.

Chilling out in the new leather recliners in the TV room.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Growing up

I cannot believe how quickly Megan is growing! She is three weeks old now. We had to go to the doctor this morning, and she weighed 11 lbs 2 ounces! I swear she has grown three inches. Just look at these pictures!


A week old (or so)


And here is a video of Natalie for you to enjoy her talking skills (and her messes!) At one point she nearly stepped on Megan, so the camera work got a little messed up as Mommy came to the rescue :)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thanks Great Grandma!

We received a package from my grandma Aretta yesterday. Natalie enjoyed opening it. She is loving all of the "presents" we have been getting, even if they aren't all for her. Thanks great grandma!

Cute outfit!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Portrait Session Part 2

Here are the remainder of her pictures:

Portrait Session Part 1

Here are some of Megan's newborn portraits. The better ones are on the next set, but they haven't been uploaded to the website yet. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here are some pictures of the girls together. We are still having a great time, but my parents are leaving Thursday so I am a little nervous about being alone. Of course, every mom of two has been here before, so I am sure we will adjust fine. Megan is already growing. She's already gained back her birth weight and then some, as she weighed 10 lbs 8 oz today at her check up.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good News and Big Sister Talk

Well, we have some good news on the Jaundice front! Her levels are going down, so no more heel pokes. Yeah!

In the last few days Natalie has said and done some pretty cute things as a big sister. She has a step stool that she uses to get into bed at night. She doesn't need it, but she wanted it in there. She now uses it to step up so she can look into Megan's crib.

So here are some of the cute things she has said and/or done:

When Megan was throwing a fit about being put into her car seat, and Natalie started yelling, quite loudly, "It's OK baby, don't cry." then she went and found the pacifier and told me to give it to Megan.

She is quite fascinated about me nursing the baby. I have a nursing cover that I am using while my parents are here, and Natalie wants it off when I am nursing so she can see the baby. She asked me, "Baby drink milk from mommy's tummy?" So I explained a little about nursing to her. She wanted to know if the baby was drinking chocolate milk. Today when Megan was crying, Natalie ran up to me and told me to "feed baby sister" while pulling up my top. I guess she is figuring it out!

She loves to tickle Megan. She "tickles" all of her, and she got very excited today when Megan's hand touched hers. She told me that Megan was "shaking hands."

Today she told me, "Baby sister come out mommy's tummy." I confirmed that that was true, and then she said, "Mommy's tummy empty now."

Yesterday she was pushing Megan in the swing, and Megan was just looking and looking at her. Natalie said, "Baby like it push swing, mommy."

So far I am enjoying being a mommy of 2. They are so much fun together, and Megan doesn't even do anything yet! We'll see how I feel when my parents leave, but right now it is thrilling! I posted some pics on facebook of the girls' baths today. You can see them at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=50793&l=05f83&id=805684545 if you are not on facebook.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please Pray

Megan is still jaundice, so we've been having to go daily for blood draws until it starts going down. Her poor little heel has so many poke marks on it, and I am exhausted because I cannot rest in the mornings because of blood draws, nor in the afternoons because of other appointments. Please pray that her biliruben levels will go down (that's the chemical they test when testing for Jaundice) so that we can stop getting daily blood draws.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Natalie Versus Megan

I put Megan in the swing today, and I realized that I had a picture of Natalie in the same outfit in the swing. Here they are!

Hospital Portrait

Megan's hospital portrait is available to see at www.our365.com . It's customer number 58330791200038 . Use that as the password. She wasn't being very cooperative, but the pictures are OK.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

One Forgotten Detail

I forgot to tell one detail of the birth story. While they were stitching me up, one of the nurses called down to get Megan's weight. Before she did, she asked the doctors for guesses. My doctor guessed the exact weight - 10 lbs 4 oz.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Pics and Birth Story

So, I am sitting here in the hospital, all alone, Megan is under the lights for jaundice, and I can't sleep, so I thought this would be a good time to post her birth story, since people always want to know these things. A c-section isn't as thrilling as a regular birth as it is somewhat predictable, but here goes.

The night before the procedure I was still praying that if it was the right thing to do it naturally, I would go into labor on my own. I had one really big contraction before we went to bed, but nothing else. I the morning, I prayed that prayer one last time and we headed to the hospital at 5:30. We arrived and filled in a bunch of paper work. They took blood, did the MRSA swab (that's a new procedure) and then we waited. I think we had to wait like an hour. There was nothing on the TV so we were watching The Planet's Funniest Animals. I was very nervous, hungry, and thirsty.

The anesthesiologist came in sometime after 7 to talk to me about the procedure. I was nervous, but he helped calm my nerves as he talked me through what to expect. It hit me then that a c-section is just about the only type of major surgery that you can be awake for. Then they wheeled me back and started everything. I wasn't real thrilled about a young male student being in there, but they didn't really give me a choice. I felt a little exposed and that he didn't really need to be there, but oh well. It was 7:30 when they took me in.

The spinal was started almost right away. It made me feel like I was going to pass out, which is normal, and they gave me something in the IV to bring my blood pressure back up and then I was ok. They brought Tim in and he hunkered down behind the sheet with me and held my hand. I was thinking, "I wonder if they have started?" when one of my doctors said, "Oh my, look at all that hair." Then I heard the nurses say, "Whoa, big baby!" So not only had they started, but it was almost over (the birth part anyways). She was officially born at 7:51. She was crying quite well after they suctioned out her mouth and nose. They brought her over to me after checking her vitals, and I was able to partially hold her with the nurse's help, as my hands were pretty numb. Then she and Tim went down to the nursery while they stitched me up. I was out of the OR by 8:15. It was very fast. My doctor said that based on the baby's size, proportions, and position, she would not have been able to be born naturally, so we made the right decision.

In the recovery room I had requested that the baby be brought to me to nurse. That didn't happen, and I was pretty upset. My one real regret with Natalie's birth was that I didn't get to bond with her after birth. The same thing happened with this birth. It was not until 3 hours later that they finally brought her to me. She is so perfect! I cannot believe how much she looks like Natalie did at about 1-2 months old! She's a big, healthy girl, but a somewhat lazy nurser. I am hoping my milk comes in soon so that I can feel more confident about nursing. It was all so measured and careful when Natalie was in the NICU.

I haven't been getting much sleep here in the hospital. Hopefully I can get more when I'm home, but the pain is definitely increasing. I am hoping they will send some good drugs home with me!

Here are some pictures that my parents took.