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I am a proud wife and mother, and a born again Christian. I work from home as a writer while taking care of Miss N, our six-year-old, Miss M, our four-year-old and Miss C, our newest bundle of joy. Life is crazy but so much fun!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pretty Princess

Natalie is in princess mode these days. When she wears a dress, she looks at the color and asks "Which princess likes pink (green, blue, etc.), Mommy?" If I do not come up with the proper Disney princess, she gets very upset. The funny thing is, she still will not watch the movies because they all have scary (to her) parts.

Yesterday I bought the girls some new jammies for the summer, and it just so happened the best priced pairs I found had princesses on them. Tonight, Natalie was in full princess mode.

"Mommy, I'm a princess! I'm Sleeping Beauty because I love pink! Mommy, you are a princess too!"

"I have to be the queen, Natalie."


"Because when princesses grow up, they become queens, and I'm grown up."

"Oh, you can be the queen."

She was then quiet for a while.

"Mommy, the princess movies have mean queens. You are not a mean queen. You are a nice queen."

As I was tucking her into bed, I said, "Goodnight darling."

she whispered "Mommy, can you call me princess?"

"Goodnight Princess."

"And you are the queen, and Daddy is the Bee-you-tee-ful Prince."

"Yes, daddy is our prince, but he has to be handsome."


"Because boys and men are handsome, not beautiful."

"Oh. Daddy is the Handsome Prince. And grandpa is Handsome too."

The other day I read an article about the "Problem with Princesses." The author, a mom, said that she did not encourage her girls to play princess. In her opinion, it taught girls to expect a "knight in shining armor" to sweep them off of their feet, teaching them not to prepare for their own careers and plan for their own futures.

I see her point, but I feel like girls should be able to pretend while they are still girls. Real life is coming soon enough. While they are little, I want each of my girls to be able to dream of her knight in shining armor, tiaras, and frilly things. I know my knight swept me off my feet six years ago tomorrow. Why can't hers too?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Little Stranger

I have been thinking about my youngest child a lot lately, perhaps because she is going to be turning one very soon. I love her to pieces. She is such a good baby, rarely fusses, and is very easygoing with all of the stuff her sister and I drag her to. She loves to screech/scream, which can get quite annoying, but she also seems very intelligent.

What has struck me recently is how much of a stranger she is to me. In her little life, she spends more time with me than any other person in the world, yet I feel like I barely know her. She is so different from her sister. Natalie was a snuggler and loved to sit on my lap and read books. I felt like I knew her well at this age. I knew she loved books, carrots, cheerios, and her doggies. I am still discovering Megan in many ways. Perhaps it is because she is a more independent personality, or perhaps it is because she is not my only responsibility and Natalie is very demanding at three. I don't know, but I am so excited to discover her personality as she grows.

What do I know and love about my baby?
  • She loves to copy her sister - notice the pictures where she is trying to put on shoes.

  • She wants to be Cookie's pal - she follows the beagle dog around and watches her all of the time.

  • She is too busy to be bothered with books or snuggles.

  • She is too busy to be bothered with the TV.

  • She has no fear - she has already climbed the stairs more than once, tumbles off of small things she climbs on, only to get right back up.

  • She has good lungs - the child can scream! Literally - not crying, screaming. Hard to explain if you haven't heard it.

  • She likes to eat, for a long time. Breakfast lasts close to an hour.

  • She is very determined. If she wants something, she will get it, no matter how often you remove her from the situation.

  • She loves to wrestle with her sister or do anything with her sister. Natalie does not share the sentiment, however.

So perhaps she is not such a stranger after all. Regardless, I love her!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ouch and Aww

I haven't been blogging very faithfully because, well, I assume all of my blog readers are on facebook and can see my pictures there. However, I do realize that I also use this blog to chronicle our busy life, so I need to be more faithful.

Natalie was injured at school on Monday. She doesn't seem too worse for the wear, but it looked pretty bad, as you can see from the pictures.

It has healed up nicely since then!

Megan loves black olives. She sticks her finger in the hole and pops them in her mouth one at a time. It is very cute.

Natalie is becoming more and more vocal. A few days ago she was having a fit at nap time (nap is becoming a struggle and she sometimes really fights me). She woke up Megan prematurely. I was unhappy because of the grumpy baby and looming deadline. She saw my unhappiness and Megan's tears. She went to her sister, enveloped her in a hug, and said, "I'm sorry I woke you up Megan." Then she came to me and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry I threw a fit, will you forgive me?" Can we say awwww! How can you stay mad? I just melted.

Megan has learned a new skill - climbing on a step or step stool. The only problem, she doesn't quite know how to get down when she's done!

I cannot believe that this little baby is going to be one in just six weeks! She is so sweet and active and perfect!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update on my friend Dani

Dear Praying Family and Friends,

“Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say rejoice.” Philippians 4:4 was my sermon text this morning as I started on Chapter Four in our study in Philippians. (This was my 18th message on the book thus far.)

We are REJOICING for the answered prayers in Dani’s life. Amazing as it may sound, Dani called this morning just before we started our church service to say the doctors were letting her go home. The doctors put her on a strong antibiotic (co-trimoxazole) to fight the MRSA infection. Praise the Lord, the medication is working! She has improved so much the doctors thought she would recover better at home. She will remain in “isolation” at home to some degree. On Saturday morning, the doctors cut incisions in the two infected areas on her left leg, cleaned out the infection, and pumped her with antibiotics through an IV. This afternoon (Sunday) after church I went to the hospital to pick her up and found her almost back to her old ‘self’ again. The nurses were actually saddened that Dani was leaving as they were all enjoying their time together. (She had them in stitches.)

We are REJOICING because the wound on her hip is now actually healing and has closed shut. The other wounds are “itchy” (a good sign of healing) and seem to be gradually closing up as well. Praise the Lord!

We are also REJOICING with her because the surgeons did NOT cut large holes in her leg as they had the first time. This time they cut slits along the affected area to drain the infection from her sores. She will continue to take the co-trimoxazole for 10 days to be sure the infection is defeated.

Most of all we are REJOICING because we had a host of God’s people bathing the Throne of Grace with prayers of supplication for Dani and for us. God is good –all the time. Though we had great concern, we also had great confidence that the Lord would show Himself faithful. And for that we are REJOICING even more.

On behalf of Dani, Polly and myself, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to each of you who were burdened to pray for us at this critical time in Dani’s life. We hope you will REJOICE with us for the answered prayers we have seen taken place for Dani within the past 24 hours. Praise the Lord! We were also greatly moved by the dozens of email messages with words of encouragement and of commitment in praying for us. We cannot begin to tell you how “comforting and encouraging” those messages were to us. I had Dani read each one so she could see just how many people were upholding her before God’s throne in prayer. She had “no idea” who many of these people were, but only knew they were standing as advocates before the Lord on her behalf. We have experienced the tremendous power of prayer and REJOICE in God’s faithfulness to us.

Through this trial of faith, we asked the Lord to show Himself faithful and that His name be glorified in whatever He willed to do in Dani’s life. He showed His great grace and mercy…and we are REJOICING!

We are now working on building Dani’s immune system back up using a number of natural sources that have been recommended by a number of people. She still has the “superbug” in her, and we are continuing to pray for the Lord to wipe it out and restore her body to fight offany further infections. Please pray that in the remaining three weeks Dani has with us in New Zealand that her body will be built up strong enough for her to return to the States. We will be taking her back to the doctor to get a medical clearance before we allow her to return to the States. If we or the doctors find that she is any danger of possible re-infection or not being strong enough to return without health being in jeopardy, then we will have her stay in New Zealand and treated here. It will cost her (and us) far less to be treated here in New Zealand than in the States (especially since she doesn’t have medical health insurance). We all need to be assured that she will be in good health and NOT re-infected.

We would like to ask that you please continue to keep Dani in your prayers for a little longer as she is NOT completely out of danger from this MRSA infection. REJOICE with us that she is doing much better than the doctors and nurses could imagine, especially after seeing how sick she was when she went into the hospital.

“Rejoice in the Lord alway, and again I say, REJOICE!”

Your servants and co-laborers for souls in New Zealand,

Bob, Polly and Dani McLain


Friday, June 5, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

Hello readers (if I have any left after not posting for 3 weeks)

I am posting a letter below from some missionaries our church supports. Please pray for their daughter Dani. She was hospitalized a few weeks ago for double pneumonia, and in that time picked up a very serious infection. Anyone who knows about MRSA knows how serious this is. Please bring Dani before the Lord. Read below for more details. This gal worked with me and my husband in the children's program our church used to have. She is a sweet young woman. The letter below is from her parents.

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

I need to write once again to give an update and request further prayer for Dani McLain. Dani has returned to the hospital once again and, by the time you get this email, will have already had another surgery on the other leg. Please note the details below.

Dani found two small sores (hair follicles) on her left leg. They had become infected and started swelling much like the mosquito bites she had two weeks ago. Within 24 hours the two sores started swelling up and hard knots forming deep under her skin. We noticed her going through the same symptoms she had on the other leg. She was diagnosed with MRSA (“superbug” infection) from the hospital and we were asked to get to an A&E clinic yesterday for it to be seen. She was prescribed another antibiotic, but it has had no effect. Her infection was spreading rapidly.

We called the doctor first thing this morning (Friday, NZ time) and made an urgent appointment. The doctor told her to come in right away and immediately noticed the problem getting worse. She called the hospital and spoke to the general surgeon to prepare for Dani to return for further treatment. She was placed in isolation and the surgeons got to see her right away to take swabs for testing. The surgeon on duty then met with the previous surgeons who dealt with Dani last week. She was scheduled to have surgery as soon as possible to remove whatever amount of infection they could from her other leg so that the antibiotic in the IV could work better. The doctors will clean out as much infection as they can and remove as much damaged skin tissue as necessary. She is NOT doing well!

We were told she the MRSA strain she has in her system is from the States. At this point the New Zealand antibiotics she has been taking have been resistant to the bacterial infection. Because she has been tested positive for MRSA, she will remain in the hospital for at least five (5) days. They are referring her to the Department of Disease Control for further testing to find what treatment they give her and to defend against the infection saturating her body.

Please pray for:

1) The doctors to find the problems and the medications necessary to fight the infection;

2) The doctors NOT have to cut more holes in her legs or anywhere else in her body;

3) The open sores to heal and close up on their own;

4) Dani’s body to get stronger with probiotics and other immunization boosters;

5) Dani to come home, recover, and spend time with her family;

6) Dani to be well enough in three weeks time to return to the States;

7) Polly and I to stay healthy as we run back and forth to the hospital (We also are taking care of our two grandchildren while Christi & Jono go to Australia for a time of spiritual refreshing and encouragement at the annual Bible conference –they need the time away.)

8) Most of all, God’s will be done and we learn what He would have us to learn from this time of trial.

We can only say “Thank you!” to all who have written notes of encouragement and comfort letting us know you are praying. We certainly need it and appreciate you taking our burdens before the throne of grace. May the Lord be honored, praised, and glorified through all of this.

Your servants for souls in New Zealand,

Bob & Polly McLain