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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Eventful Week

So, it has been an interesting week. I will post some pictures, but I am afraid they are a month or so old. I am just not good at getting pictures of my fast-running child.

The biggest change for me and Natalie has been that I joined a playgroup. So far, everyone has been very friendly and accepting. Today we met with just the people in our age-specific group. We were at a park, and Natalie was copying everything the other kids were doing. It was pretty cute, and I think it will be really good for her since she is never around children. Last week we met at Sapora playworld, which is an indoor playcenter with tunnels and rope ladders, etc. They have one side that is just for "tiny tots" and Natalie really enjoyed it.

We have also been attending a Wee Read story time at a local library. She really enjoys watching all the mommies and daddies getting into the motions of the songs. We got to do a "craft" on Monday, which consisted of me trying to keep Natalie from eating the glue stick while I attempted to glue down the parts of the apple tree before she tore them. Oh well, I do think she will get the hang of it.

Her newest favorite thing to do is to put things down the laundry chute in our bathroom. I LOVE the laundry chute, and apparently so does Natalie. The other day I caught her just before she tossed her juice cup down there. When we have dirty clothes, all we have to do is give them to her and say "put it in the hole" and they are taken care of. Now if I could only teach her to wash and fold the laundry . . .

Yesterday I got up to go workout and was almost ready to go when Natalie woke up. I try to leave before she wakes up because it takes far too long to get out of the door when she is awake. I have a limited workout time because I have to get back before Tim leaves for work. Well, it ended up being a blessing that she woke up yesterday, because we had had a very sick doggy during the night. We found five piles of puke throughout the house, and if Natalie hadn't woken up I would have likely stepped in the pile by the door. Talk about a fun morning! I was so thankful for my husband because I literally have dry heaves when I have to clean up the stuff, and I did not want to puke right next to it! I focused on keeping Natalie out of it while Tim donned the rubber gloves and did his manly duty to the puke. He then took Bailey to the vet, where they gave her an "anti-puking" shot and some pills. She seems better, and apparently this was a result of her recent escapades in the garbage. You might be asking why Cookie wasn't sick. Well, according to the vet, "beagles can eat anything!" Cookie got a tiny bit sick, but she seems fine. So they are dining on hamburger and rice for the next few days! Lucky dogs!

I think that's about all of my news for the last few weeks. Here are some pictures of Natalie that I haven't posted yet.

Natalie loves to "help" me sweep. She's not very patient, though, and does not like to wait until I am done.

Uncle Joey and Natalie when he visited in August.

She thought she was pretty cool stuff after she put her PJ bottoms on her head!

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