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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Decisions Decisions

For the past two years, my girls have gone to Mom's Day Out, giving me a couple of mornings I can work without kids in the house. We love the program and couldn't beat the price. Miss N stopped now because she is in preschool, but Miss M loves it.

Well, now I have a dilemma.

They are raising the price by 50%.

It's only like a dollar cheaper per day than preschool.

So now, I must decide, would it be better to put Miss M in preschool next year when she's (gasp) three, or continue going to MDO for another year like I did for Miss N.

When Miss N was M's age, I was NOT ready for her to go to "school." Now, I depend on that work time desperately. I feel much differently.

Preschool has to be three days per week, so that is a negative (MDO is as may days as you want per month, up to two days per week).

MDO will be utilized in the summer when they can't go to preschool, unless I decide to do daycare, but I doubt I would do daycare at their school since it's all day and they need to nap.

Having them at the same school would cut down on driving and transportation time - it would also allow me to start working earlier in the day, giving me another virtual hour of work time.

Yet, I have this sense of dedication to the wonderful ladies at MDO. I was really hoping baby #3 would be along before I pulled anyone out of MDO. Since they already knew us and had a small group, Miss M was able to start going before she turned one, which was a huge blessing for me! Well, not sure when/if baby #3 will happen, so that's out of the picture for now.

What to do, what to do.

Good thing I have 6 months or so to decide, right?

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Lindsey Bell said...

Hi Nicole,
I'm friends with Laurie O'Dell. She shared with me that you recently lost a baby.I'm so sorry for your loss. It's excruciating to lose a child, regardless of how far along you are. We lost our second child at 12 weeks pregnant. I've been blogging about my feelings since then.If you want to read about everything (somethings it helps me to read how other people feel), you can find me at livingwholeagain.blogspot.com. I found this one website where you can have your child's name written in the sand at sunset. It was so therapeutic for me to see my baby's name written. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking and praying for you. Even though I don't know you, I'm here if you need me, if you just need someone to vent to who understands what you're feeling. I think sometimes it's hard for those who haven't gone through it to really get what's going on...BTW, I added you as a friend on FB, but forgot to send a message. So...I'm the random friend request you got today:) Sending hugs your way this holiday season...