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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why I Love my Chiropractor

I love my chiropractor! Let me tell you a little story!

Right before we left for Missouri, Natalie took a tumble off the couch. She was scared but fine. When we were there, I fell down the stairs while holding her. Again, she was scared, but intact. I did end up quite bruised, but I was able to get in to the chiropractor I used to use, so I was OK.

When we got home, Natalie was quite fussy for several days. She has a cold, so I chalked it up to that. For those of you who do not know my daugther, Natalie is almost never fussy.

On Friday, she gave her grandma Harms a terrible time. I was not sure what was wrong, so I got a pediatrician appointment to check for an ear infection. Nope. Ears were clean. So I decided it was teeth.

After her nap, she would not stop crying. She was screaming and screaming and absolutely miserable. I called the chiropractor. They got me in. She cried the entire way there (yes, it is an hour drive - hey, he's good!). She cried while we were there, and she cried half of the way home. Then, an amazing thing happened. When we got home, she was so happy! She was laughing, singing, crawling, and being absolutely adorable! It was a miracle! Lesson learned - next time she is grumpy, check her back before paying the $110 for the peditrician to tell me "she's fine." She wasn't fine, she was in pain!

For those of you who think taking a baby to the chiropractor is weird or scarry, know this. When Natalie was born, she was colicky. Nothing worked. Finally I went to the chiropractor for me, and he adjusted her too. (at four weeks old). The colic was gone! It was absolutely amazing. He fixed her acid reflux and gas problems also.

I cannot believe Natalie will be one in two weeks!!!! (March 9). The local mall has an auto show every February around this time. Tim went last night, and we were reminiscing about last year. We went, and I was so sick. I sat down in every car while he looked at it, then dragged myself to the next one. It was about a week later I landed in the hospital!

This picture was taken today. Natalie is playing on her rocking toy. She got it for Christmas, and has jsut grown into this part of it. As you can see, she loved it! Thanks Grandpa Chris!

For those of you who are curious, I am going to make a post in the next couple of days about the websites and companies I freelance write for. Many have asked, so I thought a blog post would be a good way to get the word out. I just found a new company, and in two weeks, I made $52 selling four articles. This site is exciting to me, because the income potential is quite high! I am just learning the ropes right now.

I hope all of you are doing well. If you haven't, please leave a comment! I like to know who is out there in cyberland!



chris said...

Tell Natalie she is most welcome!

DS Writer said...

Natalie is really cute!

I also have a cutie too. Glad I ran into in via Freelance Writing jobs. I am also interested in writing full time next year and take a year off from teaching. In fact, i am planning on doing just that. Next year, sabbatical time!
I would really like to hear about how you landed on an opportunity writing curiculum. How did you land on it? What did you do to get the job? I would appreciate any tips and ideas for the newbie!

Heather said...

So glad to hear that Natalie is feeling much better. I never would have thought to bring Victoria tothe Chiropractor when she was that little. WOW!!!

Have a great week this week. Oh and by the way, I have been asked to have a skin care class at my house...would you be interested?? One of my new friends from Berean is doing it and I was thinking about have you and some others over to our house one Friday night for some fellowship and laughs. :) Let me know!!

Heather said...

Oh by the way...you can e-mail me anytime at heather.watson@rsmi.com

It is usually the best way to get a hold of me!!!