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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Writing Leads

Hello all,

As promised, here are the places I write for.

I have been asked where I landed my curriculum writing job. FreelanceWriting is a site that has a job board named Online Writing Jobs. It was in the higher paid section that I found my job with the curriculum. This job board has one problem, though. They have many, many people who want to pay $1 for a 500 word or more article. When I first began freelancing, I took these jobs, because I thought this was all there is out there. However, I am learning that there are many more places out there who are willing to pay if your work is quality. That being said, I do check their job board daily, as this is where I found the clients I am the most happy with, with one exception.

A new site I have just found is Deb NG's site. She goes through CraigsList and many, many other job boards and picks good, high paying jobs. However, she has many followers, so I have as yet to land a job through her site. I am trying to polish my cover letter, to help me "stand out."

Now, for sites you can write for as a complete newbie. These are highly recommended, with one exception. You will learn two things from them, even if they don't pay thousands. First, after two weeks of doing work for these three sites, your speed at article writing will improve greatly. Second, you will quickly learn what is popular and what is not on the internet. Finally, your ability to write will improve. These sites are where I "cut my teeth" freelancing. From August to December last year, I brought in $1,000 a month freelancing. My goal was $700, so I was pleased. If I had taken the time to do more, I could have made more, I am sure.

First, MPAM . This site allows you to write articles and guarantees you $5. Not a lot, I know, but they are very very non-picky in terms of writing and grammar. This is a great place to start, not make a career out of freelancing. Also, they are always there when the work gets slow. The only thing they require is a third-person point of view. To write for them, sign up for an account. Then when you log in, on the left hand of the screen there is a link called "income streams." From here, choose "Article writing." This brings up a list of topics (usually around 200) that you can write on. In those topics, you can write on anything you want, provided you use the topic word four or five times in the article.

One thing about MPAM is that it costs $30 a month to be a member. However, the first month is free, and they do not automatically renew you, so you can try it out. After the first month, I paid the $30 with my income from the site. You can have up to three articles in the system, and they are usually approved within a few days, sometimes even a day, so you can make $15 a day, for about an hour's work.

The next two sites are free. First, Associated Content. This site allows you to write on anything and pays from $4 to $40. The most I have gotten paid was $11, but I do not write on pop culture, which seems to be what they like. Now, this site is controversial, and you may want to use a Pen Name, because some will claim that being published here will hurt your abilities of landing future higher paid jobs. For me, this has not yet been the case, but who knows what jobs I have lost or gained due to the site. It is an income that is always available, and that is why I like it. Also, if you write an article for someone else that does not get accepted, chances are you can publish it on AC and still earn some money for your time. That is what I have been doing with my fish tank articles, because I never got paid for them.

Finally, the newest site I have just found is Constant-Content. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site. You can write on anything you want, and then web designers search the articles and buy what they want. For example, I recently wrote two articles on Easter, the history of the Easter Bunny, and the history of the Easter Egg. I posted them there, and within a day they sold. I made $13 each. They took me around 30 minutes each to write. $26 an hour isn't have bad!

This site works this way. Constant Content's staff promotes the site and finds customers. You do not have to market. You submit articles and within three days (usually sooner) they are approved. You set the price. When the article sells, you recieve 65% of the price you set. The rest goes to support the site and pay its founders, and other things (which they break down for you on the site). The forum there is a great place to learn about writing. The people are friendly and not at all cutthroat, making it a wonderful writer's community.

Finally, if a webmaster cannot find what they want in the archives, they will post a Request for Content. This is where you can go to find out articles people really want and will certainly buy. They put in their desires, and you write the article. The first two I sold were through this feature.

The only site I have found so far that accepts poetry is associated content. Sometimes there are requests for submissions on freelance writing, but not often.

Hope that helps anyone looking to start writing! I am still new at this, and learning the ropes myself. I will let you know if I find anything new!

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