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Friday, February 13, 2009


As Megan becomes more and more mobile, Natalie has been feeling a bit like her "space" is being invaded. Since I am the oldest in my family, I recognize this feeling. I've been pondering the best way to deal with this. On one hand, I do not want to force her to share her things, but on the other hand she does need to learn to share. I guess I want it to be because she wants to, which is probably a lofty expectation. I just keep reminding her that she wants to play with Megan's toys, so she has to let Megan share her toys too. She is catching on. The other day she went to Megan's toy basket and said, "I am going to share Megan's toys now!" Hopefully they are close enough in age that this will not always be an issue. I can't blame her, though, for not wanting the baby to chew and drool on her precious items.

Anyways, I have been dealing Natalie's natural selfish nature a lot lately. "No Megan, that's mine!" or "No Megan, don't touch me!" has been the mantra of late. I have tried to mediate when needed, since Megan is just a baby, but it's been hard.

Lately I have noticed some signs of acceptance on Natalie's part. Today, I was holding Megan and Natalie saw her and said, "Mommy, I want to hug my sister!" She has also been walking up to Megan and saying "Hi sister, what are you doing?" in the same sing-song voice that adults use when they talk to babies.

Last night was, perhaps, the sweetest thing. We were letting Megan fuss some to learn to go to sleep. Natalie was in her bedroom, not yet asleep, and I heard her say "Megan, stop that crying." She normally yells this at Megan until Tim or I deal with the baby. However, last night she started singing: "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep Megan baby." It was so sweet! She even had the tune right!

The other day we were at Tim's parents and Natalie had to go potty. I went with her in the potty, but after she was set up, she said, "Mommy, go out! I need some pwibacy (privacy)." It was histerical!

We've been talking to some realtors about the possibility of using the equity in our home to upgrade. That same day, Natalie noticed a business card on my in-law's fridge. She poitned to it and said, "mommy, is that a realtor?" Sure enough, it was. I was amazed-how on earth did she know that lady was a realtor?

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Ann-Marie said...

Oh, I can't give any advice on that, being an only child! I think it is very sweet she sang the baby to sleep though. Sounds like she has a very tender heart.