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Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Month Old!

I can't believe our "little" baby is a month old already. She is growing into quite a chunk! Natalie was a chunky baby too, it just took her a little longer to get caught up. We are settling into a routine and are even venturing to a zoo tomorrow with both girls! Look for more pictures later!

On a side note, we are potty training, and man it is actually fun! Natalie is enjoying her successes and saying some very funny things. One day when I was having her sit on the potty but she couldn't go, she said, "This potty not working momma." Now when she doesn't' have to go she says, "I'm empty." The funniest thing was when she had her first real success, she got so excited and said, "It's coming out of my body! It's working!" She even went several times at church today and at Culver's after church.

We bought some "supplies" at Target, such as panties. She was VERY excited about the panties (hey, they have princesses and ponies on them) and we were carting around Target and she was yelling "I have panties!" I had to explain to her that panties are exciting, but they aren't something we talk about in public. I think she will be trained for #1 quite quickly, but we have yet to have a good success with #2. I am open to pointers!

Here are some pictures.

What does your two-year-old do when you are sweeping the kitchen? Mine drags out all of her sister's diapers and makes a road!

Waiting for Aunt Tina to come on the train!

Watching for the train with daddy.

LOVE this outfit!

Megan McKenzie - 1 month old

SO sleepy!

We definitely have curls - if I could just figure out how to keep them from going into an afro when they are dry we would be in good shape!


AR said...

That's so cute. Ian is not talking that clearly yet, but he's come up with some phrases, too.

#2...no hints. Ian has diahrea all the time so when it comes it comes. There's no chance to get to the toilet at all. He's pretty much potty trained for #1 and has even started waking up with dry diapers...I'm so proud! Now if only I can figure out why he has the runs.

Can you believe us, sitting around chatting about bodily waste? Yikes, we really are Moms!

Your darlings are adorable, my dear!

The Hall Family said...

Those things she says are so funny! :) I love the "I'm empty". I agree with you about the potty training being fun...well with the girls it was, anyway. We tried to start Elijah a couple weeks ago and he had diarhea really bad, so we stopped and haven't started again. I can already tell that he's gonna be harder than the girls were though. He doesn't talk as well as they did either, so it makes it a little more difficult.
The #2 thing...I could always kind of tell if they had to go...you know, the grunting and the hiding behind the furniture signs...and I would rush them to the potty, but if Natalie doesn't do any of those, I don't know what to tell you...sorry...

Have fun at the zoo tomorrow!! Can't wait to see the pics! :)

Jan said...

I cannot believe how big Megan is getting already. as for the afro hair you know more than any one the secret is 'product' LOL although you don't want to use that on a baby for sure. Cannot wait to see you all again October is TOO far away;.

Love MOM

bella1021 said...

AWE soo cute! Hope you had a great day at the ZOO!!