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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happy Spring Everyone!
I had the girls' doctors appointment this week for the three year and nine month check ups. Here are their stats:

Natalie: 36 3/4 inches tall, 31.8 lbs (35%, 50%)

Megan: 30 inches tall, 25 lb. 1 oz (both above 97%)

Other than the fact that one is a moose, they are both healthy girls and did a great job at the doctor! I was glad there were no shots needed!

Tonight Natalie hit her head and was crying. I went to comfort her, and she said, "I want Dr. Pete to fix it!" (our chiropractor). I said, "Dr. Pete can't fix bonks." "I want Dr. Ortega to fix it." (our pediatrician). I replied, "He can't fix it either." She looked at me and said, "how 'bout the nurse?" Too funny!

Megan is pulling up all over the place, crawling like a pro, and I have a feeling will be walking close to her first birthday. She has NO FEAR! She will fall, get hurt, cry, and then go right back to whatever it was she did that made her get hurt!

To all you moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


The Hall Family said...

Cute picture!! That's hilarious that Natalie knows the names of her dr.'s. =) Happy Mother's Day!!!

Ann-Marie said...

I love the beautiful bunch of dandelions! So pretty - and the little girl holding them, too!