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Friday, May 1, 2009

Why Such a Struggle?

I love my children. I love them more than life itself, and I could not imagine life without them. Natalie's whit (yes, even at three) and intelligence amaze me, and Megan is always ready with a bright smile and those big, gorgeous blue eyes. Yet, why is it such a struggle to act lovingly towards them? The two people whom, other than Tim, I love most in this world, I find myself ragging on and griping with all day long. Why is that? Why is my flesh always seeming to win in this battle?

They know how to push my buttons. Even the little one, who thinks it's funny when mommy cries. Why do I let them? Today I had to appologize to Natalie for getting mad when she was just being three.

In the coming week, I want to focus on responding in a loving manner. As Mommy, I set the mood for my home. While Tim is the leader, I am the spirit of the home, since I am the one who spends most of the time here and with the children. I have let my own personal worries and stresses affect my children, and that is not right. I will begin to pray for the strength to show them love, but first I must start by confessing my failure and short temperment of the past few days.

What about you other mommies? How do you show your kids love, even when you have been pushed to the max? What verses do you claim when you feel the anger bubbling up inside? I want my home to be a haven, and lately it hasn't been. Will you pray with me as I shepherd my chlidren's hearts?

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PrayerSister said...

* daily, every moment, when the negative thought comes to mind, confess it to God & replace it with thanks & praise to Him for the beautiful blessings He gave
* Daily, pray for them, not only thanking God for them, but praying that they will grow to know and love the Lord, that their character will develop for His glory - who you pray for you will cherish more
* Daily, pray for you & for Tim, that God will give you the wisdom to raise these precious souls to become the women God wants them to be
* daily, pray with tim, asking God to strengthen your marriage and make you of one heart & mind in your marriage, home, relationship with the Lord & in parenting -- who you pray with you are unified with
* daily, spend time in the Bible -- you can only be as good of a mommy as you are a child of God
* daily, spend time with your babies in God's Word & in prayer -- who you pray with you will love more