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Monday, November 9, 2009

The World Creeps In

A couple of days ago Natalie was cutting pictures from a magazine and gluing them (a favorite activity). She found some princess pictures, and on the back was a Hannah Montana doll. Hannah Montana is definitely not a roll model I want for my daughter. I didn't say anything since she has no idea who Hannah Montana is. She said, "I don't like those girls, mommy, I like the princesses." I replied, "That's good, Natalie. Mommy doesn't really like those girls either."

She, of course, asked why.

Hmmmm. How do you explain this to a three year old?

I responded, "Well, mommy doesn't like the way they dress. They need to cover up more of their bodies." I didn't think going into the whole I don't approve of pop music's culture, not to mention the whole let's turn Miley Cirus into the next Brittany Spears agenda that I see happening as she gets older, really was needed. She has no clue who Hannah Montana is at her young age. One thing I have realized, though, is protecting her from the world isn't going to be as easy as it was when she was 2.

A few minutes later Natalie says, "I don't like those girls because they don't dress like we do."

Uh oh, I don't think the right message was received from the lesson. I don't want her to think we don't like people who dress differently than us. I do, however, want her to value modesty in her own dress. I'm thinking it might be time for some discussions on modesty. How to bring this to a three year old's level? Hmmm.


Mamma James said...

Those are HARD mom momments! It's hard to feel flustered and not know what answer to give. Just remember that you have everyday to continue to teach Biblical principals and grow them into Christ-like little ladies. God requires us as moms to do our best and it sounds like in the moment you did! :) We HAVE had to deal w/ Hannah Montana issues in our house...YUCK! We have just explained that she doesn't love Jesus and even though we do not like the way she acts or dresses we are still required to have a love for her. For a while Denae prayed that HM would ask Jesus in her heart. We are now able to discuss "it" in a different way...we explain that their actions, attitudes, sound of the songs they sing, way they dress, etc is just plain inappropriate and it wouldn't please Jesus. :) You can start conversations w/ Natalie about these things now. Try not to worry about getting it down to her level too much...she will understand more the more you use big terms and "adult" words with her. I encourage you to check out "Secret Keeper Girl"...I can't remember the author right now, but it gave me some really good ideas about how to start teaching modesty to my young daughter...I had to start at 3 as well!!! God says in His Word, "be IN the world, but not OF the world" hence our reasoning to teach to love everyone, but you don't have to like what they are doing. Now that I have written a mini-book...! :) Hope I have given you some new thoughts on the issue at hand.

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Hmm. That one takes some thought.

Could we say those girls make me sad b/c they made choice not to please God with their actions?

God wants them to use their voices to praise Him.

Wow, what is coming my way rearing a girl in this world?!

MommaHarms said...

Janna, I ask myself that everyday. Although I don't think raising a boy would be any easier. They will be faced with temptations to sin every time they look at a girl the way girls dress these days, not to mention the influence of the world to be tough and mean instead of sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.