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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Mother's Day Ever

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes, I am totally unfair to my husband.

I create images and expectations in my mind about how things should be, but fail to explain them clearly.

Take Mother's Day for instance.

I may think that xyz would be the perfect gift, or that my husband or children should do so and so for me, but of course I don't tell anyone, because what good is a present if it's not a surprise, right?

Then I get disappointed.

And mad.

Take last year for instance. Let's just say that after getting a second-degree burn on my stomach by spilling dinner (which I was cooking) on myself, it was a disappointment.

This year I determined not to make expectations. My children are too little to know any better, and I really don't need any "things," nor do I want flowers since I'm leaving town. I told Tim that I want to do a family day when we get back from Kansas City. I love spending time with my family doing fun things together and making memories. If we are going to spend money on something, I would rather it be that.

So, having made my desire clear, I had no expectations for today.

It was the Best. Mother's. Day. I've. Ever. Had. as a mom.

The morning started at 6:30, which considering the wake-up time of before 6 most of the week felt like luxury. Natalie crawled into bed with a book. Megan woke up and Tim brought her to the bed too. We snuggled together and read a book. Then Natalie squeezed me and said, "Happy Mofver's Day! I love you mommy!" Then she took off into the kitchen, bringing in two cards (both unsigned) and a small box. I shooed her out and Tim helped her sign the right card, since one was for his mom, and she brought it back with the box. The box held a lovely necklace that she picked out herself, with some help from Dad of course.

We got ready for church without any fusses (a rare occurance around here) and headed out to meet with our church family, my neck sparkling with gemstones chosen with love by my daughter and husband. I got many "I love you mommy"s throughout the morning. After one particularly passionate one, I asked, "Why?" and she responded, "Because you make me food." :)

At church, Natalie made two crafts in Sunday School, which she proudly handed to me afterwards. For those of you who are not regular church-goers, most churches I have been in on Mother's Day offer some kind of recognition to "special" mothers. At our church, three mothers got plants. They were the mothers with the most types of medication in their purse, the mother with the most recent trip to the ER, and the mother with the most keys.

Natalie watched these festivities with much interest, and when she realized I wasn't going to "win," she leaned over and said, "You're the best mofver."

The rest of the day progressed as a normal sunday, with the exception of eating or typical Arby's lunch inside the restaurant instead of in our home. Then, the final gem of the day came on the way back to church for the second service. Natalie says, "I love you mommy, that's another kind of Mofver's Day present, one that comes from inside my heart."

And just now, after she was supposed to be in bed, she snuck out "because I want one more Mommy hug."

What a sweetheart! What a beautiful day! What a blessing my family is to me!

(I wanted to write this all down before I had the chance to forget it. My heart is so full of love from my children and husband today I can hardly stand it!)


Heather said...

What a wonderful day for you!!! :) So happy you were able to enjoy it and soak it all up.

Jan said...

Wowzers, What a special day. I love you so much=MOM

Mama Llama said...

What a great day! I got your comment on my Potty training post but I odn't have an email address to reply to you! I PTd my son at 2 1/2.

while many childrne are ready at 20-14 months, I wanted to wait until at least 2. I could have done it earlier, but I had just had a baby and then our travel schedule was CRAZY last summer. So I did the training when he was exactly 2 1/2. I would aim for 2. or maybe even 26 months.