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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Day at the Park

EDIT: For those of you who don't have a Blogger account, I changed my settings so you can post comments as an anonymous person. Sorry I didn't realize I had those setting before!

On Saturday I was feeling a little stir crazy (sometimes it's rough having a hubby that works every day of the week). I decided to take Natalie somewhere new, so we went to Lockwood Park. It's a park around here that has a petting zoo and horses. She had so much fun! Every time she saw an animal eating, she would say, MMMM, MMMM. It was pretty cute. The goats came right up to her to eat cheerios. She thought that was pretty fun. There was a big cow statue there, and every time we passed it, she would say moo. I got some pictures of her playing on the baby-sized playground. She thougth she was pretty hot stuff, being able to climb up the playground steps all by herself.

On a side note, I have learned something about myself. As most of you know, I work from home as a writer. I write content for the internet. You can see an example of my work here (this is one of my clients). Anyways, I have always wondered if I would enjoy writing a book. I even "started" one in high school. Well, I now know I would hate it! I am in the final phases of writing a 4th grade history curriculum, my first forray into the field of print publications, and the endless revisions by editor after editor are getting to me. That is life in the print world, so now I know that it's not for me. I'll stick to my search engine optimized content and be happy!

Here are the pictures!

Here she is going up the steps. She was really proud that she could do it.

There's my big girl! She needed some help going down the slide, though.

What is it about kids always wanting to go up the slide. It must be an instinct. Now why did God decide to give them that one?


Chilling out at the end of a long day with my puppies!

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