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Monday, October 22, 2007

His Way Is Perfect

When Tim and I decided to allow the possibility of having another child, I made it my prayer that the Lord would allow the pregnancy to happen in His time, not mine. Of course, I wanted to be pregnant right away (those of you who know me well probably know that patience is not one of my best virtues). I was concerned if we were really ready or not, but I was excited about having a second child.

Last week when I posted the "Big Sister" picture, I had just found out that I was pregnant. As you will notice, that post is no longer up. I started having a miscarriage yesterday, and today went in for some tests and the doctor feels that I am losing this baby and the pregnancy. I will know for sure after some more blood work on Wednesday.

I really am OK with this. Perhaps the emotions will hit later, but for now, I am accepting this as the Lord's will. My prayer from the beginning has been that this will happen only when the Lord deems it the right time. Obviously, June was not the right time.

At only 5 weeks, this is not too dangerous or complex of a miscarriage. I should not need any surgery and this does not put me at risk for any problems in the future. They simply don't know what causes some pregnancies to fail.

If you read this and know of someone else who knew I was pregnant, please tell them. I do not feel like telling people over and over what is going on. I think that will make it difficult, and right now i really am fine and would like to stay that way!


Jenn and Caleb said...

Will keep you in prayer

Laura said...

We will pray for God's perfect will! Take care!