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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

She's So Funny!

Lately, Natalie has become so "talkative." I put that in quotes because I usually have no idea what she is saying. One phrase is quite clear, though, and that is "right back" (more like ra ba, but quite obvious). I say that to her all the time when I leave the room so she won't freak out, and obviously she caught on. She will tell me "right back" when she is going out far in the backyard, and she's pretty proud of herself.

I bought some Fisher Price Little People toys at a garage sale when she was tiny, and I just got them out for her. She loves the animals, and I was sitting at my computer and looked over and she was making the funniest face! In her hand was a parrot, and she was trying to imitate it's face! Here's a picture of her "parrot face" as we call it. It was soooo funny! You can see the little red parrot in her hand in the one picture.

I also gave her chocolate pudding for the first time recently. She loves it, but makes quite a mess!

Here she is playing with her daddy.

And a self-portrait

Finally, this child is obsessed with animals! Here she is watching "Funniest Pets and People" tonight. Too funny!

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Tim and I are going to Chicago this weekend to see Bill Cosby! It's a combo happy anniversary happy 30th birthday (for HIM, not Me), and I am really looking forward to it! it is the first time we have left Natalie overnight, but my parents will be here, so she should be fine!

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The Harrisons said...

cute new pics :-) have fun in Chicago!