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I am a proud wife and mother, and a born again Christian. I work from home as a writer while taking care of Miss N, our six-year-old, Miss M, our four-year-old and Miss C, our newest bundle of joy. Life is crazy but so much fun!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Costume Fun!

We enjoy dressing up, even if we do not enjoy all of the "extras" of this holiday. Anyways, here are my two favorite pictures of my girls in their outfits. To see the rest visit my facebook album at this link. I got some pictures of Natalie's little Friends, but for some reason I missed a few of them. Last night Natalie was up late and was quite grumpy. I had gone into her room to get her costume, and she saw me pull it out. She said, "Ballerina make me happy." We had to leave it in her room where she could see it.

Potty training is still going well. Natalie has had a few accidents, but for the most part she is trained. Not at night though. I am definately looking for suggestions.

megan is turning herself into a thumb-sucker. She pulled out her paci today and stuck her thumb in. Sigh - I was hoping not to have to cross that bridge!