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Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Weekend

Well, we have been having quite the adventure. Natalie's had been running a temp through all of the Christmas festivities. On friday morning before our family picture, I called her pediatrician and they said they've been seeing a lot of strep. There was no way to get her in there before the picture or after we left for Missouri, so I decided to take her to the walk in clinic at Walgreens before our trip. We had family pictures at 10, which turned out great. The large family picture with Tim's whole family is on facebook.

After lunch I took her to the walk-in. The Strep test was inconclusive - a bad strip. The lady said she had all of the symptoms so she prescribed the antibiotic. I was very happy, figuring Natalie would be well soon.

We left around 4 to head to KC. It was pretty foggy, but it was supposed to get better as we traveled. It did not. It got worse. Then, the van started having serious transmission problems. We got as far as the Iowa 80 truck stop and stopped for the night. It was very scary, not being able to see, and having the van start chugging every few miles like it was going to stop. Not exactly a good time to be broken down (when no one can see you as they approach

We got a hotel and that was an adventure. There are some cute pictures of that on facebook as well. Natalie was very scared, but she was a trooper. Her fever just kept getting higher and higher in spite of the medication and antibiotic.

We came home the next day. Tim's dad came down to meet us and follow us home. We are very thankful the van made it and we did not have to get towed. Natalie was doing a little better. When we got home, however, her fever was back with a vengence. She was just laying around and wanting to be held. it was pretty pathetic. She also was not eating, which worried me

This morning she woke up with a fairly high temp. I decided the antibiotics should have started making a difference. I called her ped and they asked us to take her to the convenient care to have the strep test redone. We arrived at noon when they opened, expecting to have the strep test repeated and be on our way.

Nope, instead, we had to have a chest x-ray, blood drawn, and try to get a urine sample. Natalie was extremely lethargic, sleeping on us, and burning up with fever. It was terrible. Getting blood drawn was the worst. I had to hide around the corner so natalie couldnt' see my tears. Tim held her and he started to tear up as well. She was a very brave little girl, but kept clinging to us saying "I don't like this, I want my mommy." It broke my heart.

After tons of waiting, a quick trip to the gas station for a snack (we had not eaten lunch), we finally had some results. Looks like she has pneumonia. She's very sick, but it's not a horrible case. We got some different antibiotics. The doctor also suspects that she has a urinary tract infection. I have to try to collect a urine sample tonight, since we did not succeed at the clinic. Natalie was too scared to go, especially after they put a bag on her to try to collect it.

It has been a tramatic weekend, our little girl is quite sick, our van is going to be expensive to fix, but I am thankful. I am thankful that we broke down less than three hours from home, got the van home safely, and are not in KC while Natalie is this sick. Praise the Lord for forcing us to go home, so she can be home in her own bed with her own doctor while she battles this infection.

I hope you all had better Christmases than we did. We did enjoy time with Tim's family in spite of Natalie being so out of it. Happy New Year everyone!


The Harrisons said...

Poor Natalie! I was nearly crying reading about it too! It's so sad when they are sick! I'll be praying she gets well soon!

Heather said...

Ahhh, poor thing!!! As I was reading this the thought came to my mind that it would probably be pneumonia. Victoria had the SAME thing last year. It wiped her out and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her for almost a week till I demanded an x-ray. Sure enough she too had pneumonia!! It really does wipe them out doesn't it?? I hope you have your Natalie back soon!!!

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