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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Greetings from the Sick House

Yes, we are still alive. We're just all a little under the weather. Not sure why, but we seem to be continuing to pass a cold around. It started just after Thanksgiving with Natalie, then she seemed better, but I got it, now she seems a little sick again and Tim is starting to get it and Megan is congested at night. Fun fun!

No new pictures, but I am sure many will come as we enter our Christmas festivities. I am dreading Christmas week slightly - it's going to be so busy! On Tuesday we are getting together with Tim's extended family to celebrate his grandma's birthday (90th). That is occurring during nap time - yikes. Then Christmas day we do presents and food and such with Tim's sisters and parents. Then Friday we are doing a family picture with everyone (Tim's sisters and parents). Saturday we are leaving for Kansas City so we can see Joey before he leaves on Monday. I am praying we are healthy by then because if we aren't that is going to wipe out my kiddos (not to mention mommy and daddy).

We've made an executive decision to have our family Christmas when we return from KC. There just isn't time to do it before, unless we do it way before, and I would rather wait.

Natalie's had two birthday parties this month to attend and one more coming. She's really enjoying them, and I am proud of her for learning about giving presents. It's hard for little ones to see a toy and realize it is not for them, but she's helped me wrap the presents this year and seems to understand that they are for someone else. It helps, I think, that her birthday is still coming up, because I keep saying "You'll get presents on your birthday and on Christmas." Still, it's a start towards learning about giving.

I asked her what we should get daddy for Christmas and she said "I baby (doll)." I asked her what he would do with a baby and she said, "Hug it, feed it, rock it." Pretty funny.

Megan had her 4 month appointment. She is now 20lbs 14oz, and is 27 3/4 inches long. Everything is above the chart but she seems to be following her growth curve and is a healthy girl. She's also slowing down on her growth a bit, which I am thankful for. She is getting more and more active (rolling over and all), so that has probably slowed her growth down some.


The Hall Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all your sickness! I'll be praying everyone is feeling better before you start traveling. Like it's not hard enough to travel with kids in the first place. It's pretty much like that in our house too with the sickness, except it's just me and Isaac passing it back and forth. I guess that's better than everyone! I can't believe that Megan is 20 pounds!!! Right when I read that, I told my husband and he was shocked too! I guess that could have something to do with us always having small babies though. I think Isaac may have just recently hit the 20lb. mark. And he's 14 months old. :) And the things Natalie says crack me up! She's such a cutie! That's great that she's learning to give. The earlier they learn that stuff, the better. Have a great week! Wow...do I get an award for having the longest comment ever, or what?

bella1021 said...

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon!!!
Happy traveling!

MommaHarms said...

Sarah H, I can't believe Megan is 20 lbs either (actually probably 21 - that weight was on an empty stomach and stripped down to her diaper!) Yes, you can have the longest comment award - now if only I knew how to do those blogger awards I see on my frugal mommy blogs.

Natalie says cute things, yes, but if I hear "mommy I have boogers" or "my mouf hurts-ouchie-I need medicine" again, I might scream!

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