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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally some answers

Well, Natalie is improving, but I finally have some answers as to what was wrong with her. Turns out it was not pneumonia after all. She did end up having a positive test for strep, and the breathing issue, not sure what is causing that, perhaps just her drainage. She is much more energetic today than she has been, and her temperature is NORMAL! It looks like we will be able to visit grandma and grandpa after all at the end of the week.

Another excellent thing is that the van is not going to be expensive to fix, it looks like. We took it to a transmission shop, and they couldn't find anything wrong with the transmission. Tim did a little more research and it looks like it's a sensor, which is something he can fix. Praise the Lord! We certainly did not have the $1000+ to fix a transmission! I thoroughly believe God sent the transmission problems in order for us to come home and get Natalie some treatment and let her be home while she was so sick.

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Ann-Marie said...

I know a lot has changed since this post, but I wanted you to know I'm praying for Natalie's health - and for you guys to get some much-deserved rest!