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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Real Life Happens

As my children grow, it becomes harder and harder to shelter them from real life. Last week we were driving home from the park, and an abortion protesting group was demonstrating near an intersection where we were stopped for a light. While I completely approve of their cause and support it, this particular group had highly graphic images of broken baby bodies, and Natalie was captivated by them. So far, she hasn't asked any questions, but I was heartbroken, because those are pictures I would have much rather not have her see. Those are questions I am not ready to answer.

Earlier this week we went to the park with some friends, and Natalie really enjoys these two swings at this particular park. I talked to her before we got there, because I knew I would not be able to keep Megan occupied near the swings for long. I told Natalie we would do the swings last, and that we would let Megan play on the baby things for a while first. I gave her my word. She did not whine or complain about having to wait, and finally it was time to head to the swings.

Someone was using the swings when we went over there, so we waited. Natalie decided she wanted to use the red one. Our friend we were there with wanted to use the blue one. We waited. And waited. My friend made a few comments about how nicely the girls were waiting, hoping the other moms would get the point. They didn't.

After we had waited 15 minutes or so, my friend finally asked the other moms if our girls could have a turn. The mom with the girl on the blue swing happily took her child elsewhere (the cell phone in her ear was probably the reason she didn't notice us waiting). The other mom attempted to remove her daughter (perhaps granddaughter), who whimpered some and complained about not being done. So the mom was like "She doesn't want to share" and just kept swinging. Natalie was standing there like, "what's up?" I told her she could use the blue one, and she very clearly said, "Mommy, I would like to wait for the red one." No way that mom didn't hear her. Now, I need to add that this child had been using the swing for a VERY LONG time. Not just the 15+ minutes we were waiting.
The look on Natalie's face here says it all.

Natalie eventually used the blue swing after our friend's turn was over. She was very disappointed, however, and left crying sad tears (not fit tears) because she had her heart set on the red swing. I was angry. She had waited so patiently, not crying or whining, but patiently waiting her turn, but because of someone else's selfishness and lack of training her child to obey, Natalie never got to have what she was waiting so nicely for.

I realize this is real life, and we have gotten over it, although Natalie still asks about the "mean girl" who "didn't share." I praised her for waiting so nicely, and we did something else as a nice treat together. However, these two events made me think about how hard it is to protect your children. It's a sad reality. I wish I could keep her safe and away from the sin of this world forever.
I don't really know the purpose of this post. I guess I'm just realizing that the sweet innocence I love in my babies is something they will someday lose. These two incidents were mild, of course, compared to what other children must experience, but it still made me sad. We work hard to create a supportive, loving environment for our children, but the real world is out there, constantly waiting to creap in and impact them forever.


bella1021 said...

Wow that is awesome that they waited SO PATIENTLY!!! great job!!!

bummer about the red swing though :( oh and the abortion signs too! yikes!

The Hall Family said...

Aww...poor Natalie. That picture of her waiting so patiently almost makes me cry! I can totally relate to you though. I hate it when things like that happen to my kids. It just breaks my heart. How can these mothers not even care? Not only about these precious kids that should also be able to have fun, but teaching their kids about obeying them and respecting people. I don't get it...
And the abortion pictures are a little much. I can also see where they're coming from, and agree with them, but they have to realize that there are kids in cars looking at these things. I read on facebook that you sent them an email or something...have you heard anything back from them?

MommaHarms said...

Sarah H. I did hear back and got a rather lengthy response. The man said he has his three-year-old hold hte sign with him - I guess they justify it by saying it saves lives when women see it. The difference is when you choose to have your child see a sign like that, you have the chance to teach them beforehand what it was all about. I still disagree, but so far Natalie hasn't said anything so hopefully it's out of her mind.