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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moments I Want to Treasure

I will never have a thousand followers on this blog. I will probably never monetize it. I will also likely never make much of a difference with it. However, there is something I want to do with it, and that is remember moments like this:

Natalie (while driving in the car completely out of the blue): "Mommy, I love God!"
Mommy: "That's wonderful Natalie, why do you love God?"
Natalie: "Because he died to save us from our sins."
Mommy: "That is true. I love God because he gave us this beautiful world to live in."
Natalie: "I love God because he loves me too!"
Mommy: "Yes, he sure does."
Natalie: "I love God and he loves me. God loves us Megan!"

Yes, those are moments I never wish to forget. All through our walk in the mall my child was singing "I love mommy and God, I love mommy and God." I love it!


Adventure Mom Janna said...

Blessing hearts with stories like these will always make a difference. It's an encouragement and she will love reading about them very soon and make it her goal to rear her children in the same way.

Keep blogging!

laugavitz said...

this gave me goose bumps...so sweet :) I think that you must be doing a wonderful job raising them!

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing- I am thrilled to see her love of Jesus growing- How exciting