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Friday, December 4, 2009

Natalie Funnies

Once again, it is time for some Natalie Funnies.

The other night we were reading a book that was talking about heaven. The artist's rendering of Heaven was of a golden city in the clouds. Natalie asks, "Mommy, why is heaven squishy?"

Natalie is obsessed with her sister's dirty diapers. She loves to sneak into Megan's room when I am changing her and peek at the diaper. If she doesn't see it, she will ask to and then say, "Yep, that's stinky all right."

We are getting ready to participate in our church's reinactment of the Christmas story, called Journey to Bethlehem. I have been explaining it to Natalie so she will understand. When I told her about it, she asked, "Who will pretend to be baby Jesus?" I told her since the stable portion was outside, and it's cold, Baby Jesus would be a baby doll. She instantly started digging through her baby doll box. I didn't make the connection and asked what she was doing. "I need to get a baby to take to church Mommy." She wanted to take a baby doll to the church to be Baby Jesus.

Today Natalie told me, "Mommy, Megan ate a crayon at school. Will her poop be orange?"

She has also said some very sweet things. Today I had to discpline her for something fairly minor. Honestly, I wasn't angry but she chose to disobey. Anyway, she was so sorry and said, "Mommy, could you ever forgive me." It tugged at my heart.

In passing I mentioned that our dog Bailey is getting old. She said, "I'm so sorry Bailey is getting old." and spent several minutes hugging the dog afterward.

Her imagination is starting to grow. The other day we spent probably 45 minutes telling stories with her toys, and she was quite imaginative. I love it!


The Harrisons said...

So fun! Moments like these make it worth all the frustrating tired moments I think :-)

Adventure Mom Janna said...

I'm smiling and laughing with you!