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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday: Megan's Picks

Since my 19-month-old is just starting to get into books (She's very much a go-er, not a reader), I thought I would post two of her favorites for a change. Honestly, I don't like these books as much as others, but reading with your kids is not about what you like but what they like and are attracted to. I prefer books with stories, and these have none, but we read them all of the time.

They are both Priddy books. Megan received them from a good friend for her birthday when she turned one. The first is Big Board Books Colors, ABC, Numbers (Bright Baby)

This book has a theme on each page. The first is ABCs, then there is everyday objects, opposites, things we do each day, places we go, counting, shapes and colors. Like all Priddy books, these have simple photographs set in brigthly colored solid backgrounds, with each image in its own square on the page. She is a slow talker (Natalie was too) and I think she likes this book particularly because a few of the words she does say are in it, and she enjoys pointing and saying "ball" and "woof woof."

The second is Organic Baby Animals (they do not carry it on Amazon)This is a similar theme but all about animals. It cracks me up that she always shuts the book when we get to the last page, which is "insects and bugs." She apparently already doesn't like the creepy crawlies!

One thing I will say about these books is that they are HUGE and HEAVY. If you have a baby with a strong sense of large motor movements, like my Megan, you will get bruised when they throw them (literally) at your head. That said, I love that these books have sparked at least an interest, if not a love, in reading for my youngest. Hopefully if I read them (over and over and over and over) she will eventually become a reader. I just have to get her to slow down long enough!

I am participating in Feed Me Books Friday over at the Adventure of Motherhood. To see other great books, click on the link in this button:

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laugavitz said...

what is it with children this age and loving books like these??? O loves them too! I do not so much... :)

Janna said...

Yep, B was a fan too. She would sit on one page and look at the other. She loved real photos and the pages were easy to turn.

So glad Megan is getting into bks and so glad to have you BACK. Praise the Lord.

laura said...

We have the Priddy "100 First Words" and I usually like the Priddy books for young toddlers. I've never seen the Organic Baby Animals one before, though. What is organic about it?

SkylarKD said...

I love the Priddy books. We have a couple of different ones. They're heavy, but I love the big, bright illustrations!

MommaHarms said...

The Organic is the materials the book is made out of. I can't tell a difference between the two (organic and non-organic) but I suppose if that were important to you it's a nice feature, esp. since babies put so much in their mouths.

Amber @ Because Babies Grow Up said...

I love the Priddy books too. They are great vocabulary builders. And I agree that you read what your little ones are interested in and that often is not what you like! I cannot stand Rotten Ralph and Sammi just loves him for some reason.

vanessa said...

The Priddy books are great. I was curious about the "organic" title, but glad to find the answer in the comments! I was thinking, "What kind of animals are NOT organic?" :)

Ashley said...

My son could do some damage with these books! He likes to throw the book into my lap when he wants to read it! :) Thanks for sharing!