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Sunday, March 7, 2010

God Is Good - No Matter What

Sorry for my absence from the blogosphere (like any of you actually read this anyway). We’ve had a family emergency.

My father-in-law went to the hospital two weeks ago for a blood clot in his leg. Little did we know what was going to happen.

Monday afternoon Tim gets a call at work that his dad would be having a blood clot removed from his lungs. Things went crazy, and next thing we knew we were in the hospital hearing a doctor telling us that Duane was a very “lucky” man. He had a huge blockage in his pulmonary artery, which should have killed him. The surgery to remove the clot was a full open-heart procedure, with the need to open the chest cavity and all. As the days progressed we learned that the surgeon, who has been working for 28 years, only has had two patients survive this condition. God miraculously saved my father in law’s life.

For the next 10 days Duane was on life support. After the first 24 hours we felt confident he would survive, but it was slow going. However, today I am happy to report that he is off oxygen, walking (short distances) on his own, and completely mentally healthy. No signs of stroke or long-term damage.

Our family received a miracle. We keep saying how good God is (and he is). A very close friend mentioned the first night that this surgery/condition is what killed her father when she was a child. Duane should have died.

Yes, God is good, and we are thankful. However, I have been contemplating saying “God is good.” Is God good because he spared Duane’s life? Yes. But would He have been good had he taken Duane to heaven? It’s not so easy to say yes to that. I have another friend who is trying to adopt her foster child, and the courts are pushing for the child to go back to the birth mother. It is painful to watch. I am sure it is even more painful to experience. Yet, God is good.

Why do I believe that? God is not good because of the things He does. God is good because of who He is. Because of His character, His omniscience, His being. God is good simply because He is God.

But I am thankful for our miracle. We love Grandpa Harms!

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