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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Potty Training - FAIL

Well I did a three-day attempt at potty training Megan. By the end of the third day she was definitely frustrated. I said I would only continue if she wasn't so we are stopping. Taking a break. Picking back up in a while.

Really, this isn't a big deal. Plenty of parents start then stop. While I think she could be ready since she tells me whenever she goes in her diaper, it just wasn't working for the two of us. It was a relief to put that diaper back on after three days.

So, why do I fell like a complete and utter failure tonight? It might be because I have a friend in the process of training her under-two-year-old daughter and having plenty of success. We were encouraging each other via FaceBook, but I have failed.

Maybe it's because I'm a huge perfectionist. I honestly thought if I let her run around naked and notice when she went, she would gain a measure of control over the process. I was wrong, or I was not attentive enough, I can't tell which. I know what times I missed accidents (the key to successfully training in a short time appears to be whisking them to the potty the instant they start going so they can finish on the potty) and what I was doing, and sometimes they were not necessary things. Packing Miss N's lunch, necessary. Calling my mom, not so much.

Maybe it's because so many people said "don't go back" and we are. But in fairness to Megan, it was foolish of me to try to train right before a holiday. I mean, really? What was I expecting to happen in less than a week? Or maybe it's because I read a lot of "mommy blogs" about training in three days and was trying to be like them. Hey, if it would work for us, I would love to train in three days, but getting rid of all distractions is, well, practically impossible.
Tonight I'm bushed. This intense potty training is, well, intense. Maybe that's the problem.

But we had one success this weekend. We made rainbow cookies. I think they are so fun and colorful. It was adorable that Miss M wouldn't eat the dough because she thought it was playdough.

These were pretty simple. I just made a regular sugar cookie recipe (doubled), then made six balls of dough to dye the different colors (mixing as needed for colors I didn't have). Then we rolled each one out individually, stacked and smooshed them into the big log, and baked. Pretty fun for the kiddos!

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Judy said...

We made Tie Dye cookies (basically the same process as yours) and had so much fun with it! One of my commenters suggested using unflavored floss to cut the cookies so they stay nice and round, which we have yet to try but I thought I'd pass that onto you.

I read your success story already and am so glad it turned out well for you after such a frustrating ordeal!