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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things I Learned on Vacation Part III

1. Grandma’s body is healing. This said in an awe-inspired voice from my oldest. My mom has chronic pain issues, and she got some relief from a recent alternative therapy she had, and she was able to pick up my little girl. This meant so much to both of them.

2. My youngest can say, “cow.”

3. My youngest thinks giraffes are cows.

4. My oldest is quite horse crazy. She was given the entire toy store to pick out a present from her great grandparents, and she picked a stuffed horse and a box of plastic flocked toy horses. It’s not my fault. Honestly.

5. My youngest loves the men in her family. A lot. Especially her “Papa.” Uncle “JoJo” is pretty well loved too. Grandma will do when “Papa” isn’t around.
6. A castle blanket makes all things scary just a little bit more manageable.

7. My parents’ church has a bakery – often they have a “visitor’s reception,” which offers muffins or cookies and welcomes guests with the opportunity to meet the pastor. When Natalie came out of her class, she said, “Mommy, is the bakery open?” It made us all laugh!

8. Four and almost a half is the PERFECT age for a first Broadway theater performance, provided that performance is outside and includes a princess named Belle.9. The best part about said theater performance would not be the play, but rather the doll that was purchased and the “church friend” she saw. (Someone from my parent’s church that just happened to be in her Sunday school class.)10. My youngest knows what she wants. She picked a cash register when on the shopping spree with great grandma and great grandpa, and she has played and played and played with that crazy thing!

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