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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Melt My Heart

My little girl is growing up. Here she is on her first day of K4, all ready for school.

But this post isn't about school. I just thought you might want to see her pretty face.

At night before bed I try to ask her, "What was your favorite thing about today." This question, hopefully, will get her mind thinking on positive things, and in future years when she is older, give an open door for good conversation.

We recently went shopping for a birthday present for a friend. Miss N is obsessed with horses. The only toys she would look at were horses. When we found some in our present-buying price range, she finally made her choice. She played with the toy, in the box of course, the entire way home, and proudly showed it to daddy. I was very afraid she was becoming overly attached to it. We talked much about how it was for her friend, not her. She seemed to understand, and she was seemingly very excited to give it to her friend.

Today was the party. I assumed that her response to the "best thing" question would be the cupcake, or the craft, or the playtime. I was wrong.

My sweet little girl looked at me with a huge, genuine smile on her face, and this is what she said:

"Mommy, it gave me such joy to see that "I" (her friend) LOVED the ponies I gived to her. It gave me joy down in my heart." Then she demonstrated her friend's very excited smile when she opened it.

Such a tender heart. My little girl has learned the joy of giving. I hope it is something she remembers for a long, long time.

The second question I ask is, "Is there anything you want to talk to God about or pray about?" which is asked before prayer time.

Tonight, she said, "Mommy, some of my friends at my new preschool are sick! We should pray for them to get better."

And so we did.

I sure love her!


The Harrisons said...

You are a great mommy Nicole! And she is such a sweetie!

Janna said...

Her horsey shirt is very pretty too!

And her favorite thing became your favorite thing of the day too! Very sweet!

B was wearing that yellow GYmboree dress and I told her to be careful not to get anything on it b/c it was Megan's and we had to give it back.

A few hrs later a friend came over and said "What a pretty dress."

B said, "It's Megan's. We have to give it back."

Jan said...

She has such a tender heart! I am so proud of you guys, the Lord is so faithful to us allowing (daddy and I) to witness you and Tim raising them up right!

I love you