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Friday, September 3, 2010

Could it Be?

I think my child potty trained herself.

I am not joking.

Here was my plan. Miss N started K4 this week. I wanted to get her settled in K4 for the week, then I was going to make the switch to undies for Miss M the following week, and basically stay home except for when we had to go get Miss N from school.

Well, here's what happened.

We ran out of diapers. With Miss N I used pullups for nap time for a long time as she had about a 50-50 track record of waking up to go potty, and quite frankly, since I work during nap time, I'd rather dispose of a wet pullup than deal with a wet bed. So, when we ran out of diapers I bought pullups knowing the training time was coming. Incidentally, because Miss M had to wear Huggies diapers (pampers and luvs give her a rash, and the generics didn't come in a big enough size) the pullups (I bought generic) were cheaper.

To save you a long saga of pee and poo, let's just suffice it to say that I put the pullup on her, showed her how they go up and down, and then told her to tell me if she needed to go potty. Something clicked. All day on Wednesday she told me she needed to go and went #1. The only incident that happened in her diaper was her #2 of the day. I was OK with that, since I wasn't really trying to potty train her that day.

Thursday we were very successful in the morning with #1. I was happy. We had a trip to the library planned after taking Miss N to K4, so off we went with pullup clad baby. While I was browsing books and Miss M was playing, she hollered to me, "poo poo momma." We went to the potty, and she went, #2! Her first success! She stayed completely dry and clean all day, even during her nap and a friend's birthday party.

Today was Mom's Day Out day for Miss M. I told the teachers of her success and they promised to take her potty. I was eager to see how she did.

After taking Miss N to school, I took Miss M to the potty at the preschool. She adamantly didn't want to go. So we ran a few errands until it was time to go to her "school." I was nervous she would wet in her pullup and backtrack. We pulled into the church for Mom's Day Out and she announced that she had to go. We rushed inside, and she made it to the potty.

She did great at school too! The teachers said she would tell them when she needed to go, and she would go when they took her. She had her BM in her pullup, but I'm OK with that. She has consistently told me when she needed to go since then.

I am so glad I backed off for a while after my last attempt at potty training. Seriously, the child has potty trained herself. It's amazing, as I've done nothing. Next week we move to undies. Wish us luck! I will update next week.


The Hall Family said...

Way to go Megan!!! It's so nice when it's that easy, isn't it?
You're almost to a diaper-free house!! Think of the money you'll save!! ha!
With Elijah, I tried to start before he understood, and it was a flop. With all of the other kids (and the 2nd time I tried it with Elijah), I waited till they were fully ready, and it has always been that easy. Trying to do it before they completely understand is just frustrating for both the kiddo and mommy!
That's awesome that she's doing so well!

Jan said...

I think Sarah is right! She didn't understand when you tried last time. Tell her Grammy and Papa are proud of her!

Judy said...

How awesome! Congrats to little Megan! We pushed too hard with our oldest and paid for it...I'm hoping with more patience for everyone, our second will have better (and quicker!) luck :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!