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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

I was born bald. When my hair finally came in at close to three years old, it was curly. Not the tight ringlets that are oh-so-cute on little ones today, but curly nonetheless. Throughout my growing up years I fought those curls and waves, until finally as a teen I embraced them because, frankly, I had no choice.

This picture of me, Janna, and Mr. Moorehead shows how my curls normally looked

While many people have dreams and aspirations of grandeur, and I had my share of those, one less glamorous or spiritualized dream stood out throughout my young adult years. I wanted to know what it was like to have straight hair. I wanted to have the ability to run a comb through my hair without completely wetting it down, throw it up in a perky ponytail, and run out the door for class with moments to spare.

While I never truly got that wish, as my hair is and always will be curly, I did get to experience life with straight hair for 24 hours.

My freshman year my two very good friends Edy and Paula helped me realize that dream.

For two hours they worked their magic with a huge round brush and blow dryer, until my capricious curls were flattened and I had straight hair.

Knowing it would only last until I once again submitted to the waters of the shower, I went to work, chatted with my male interest of the time, and slept on straight hair. I even postponed my shower until the afternoon of the following day so I could enjoy the silky tresses just a little longer. I was amazed at how much longer it was when straight!

I have only straightened my hair one other time since then, and my husband hated it (a hairdresser insisted on doing it for me even though I said no thanks). It was a lifelong dream fulfilled, and something I look back on fondly. I did decide then and there, however, that straightening my hair was way too much effort. There was no way I was ever going to spend two hours on my hair just to get it straight. So embrace my curls I did, but it was fun while it lasted.

I am participating in the "My Young Adult Years" portion of Mommy's Piggy Tails this time around. Check out the link below for more information!


Ginny Marie said...

Cute pictures! My sister has curly hair, and I have straight hair. We are always wishing we could swap hair!

I have your link up! I'm sorry about the problems!

Gretchen said...

HAHA!! So fun! Love Edy and Paula -- that is too cute they did that for you. It is amazingly longer!

memorymayham said...

What a fun memory! Hair seems to the bane of a female's existence!

gianna said...

So you've known Janna for a while! I LOVE Janna! (is that bit too much for someone I have never met in person?) She has been such a blessing to me.
Your hair is beautiful. My hair got weirdly curly after my babes!