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Friday, October 15, 2010

On My Mind

Now that Miss N is in school, I have at least one day per week where just Miss M and I spend the morning together.

I am learning something.

I don't really know my toddler.

She is very naughty, and I'm beginning to think that part of the reason she is always into things that are dangerous or not for her is because she gets my attention.

See, with Miss N, she loved to read books, snuggle, color, and do things I enjoyed doing, so nurturing and bonding were much easier.

I don't know what Miss M loves to do with me. She likes to wrestle with daddy, and she loves when I swing her up in the air, but she's so heavy I can only do that a few times. She only snuggles when she is sick, rarely wants to be read to, and has a mind of her own about what she is going to do with her time.

I need to find a way to bond with my baby. This is a matter I am going to make a matter of prayer. I love her, but I find myself exhibiting frustration and anger toward her more often than love and support, primarily because I don't know what to do with her that she enjoys.

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mohoelx said...

Perhaps a way to start is to give her some "Megan time"...tell her for a few minutes (10?) it's her choice to pick something for the two of you to do or play together. You may have to use a timer that is visible where you are at, and the 'time' element will take some {ahem} time for her to begin to understand, but the real magic could be in what she chooses to involve you with. Just a thought.