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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saying Goodbye

How do you say goodbye to someone who has changed your life?

I have done this before, I am sure, but it’s never easy. Not the emotional aspect of it, because in this high tech world we are never more than a text or email away, but the words. . . How do you tell someone exactly what they have meant to you in a few short, tear-stained sentences?

I am a writer, not a speaker, although I do like to talk. Yet sometimes my words only flow on virtual paper, not from my mouth. Sometimes, the things I want to say simply do not make it from my mind to my mouth, but they can make it to my fingers.

Today, we bid farewell to our pastor and his wife, launching them into the tumultuous world of deputation as they at the ripe old age of “just became grandparents” head to the mission field. I do not envy them the next few years, yet I am excited for them in the many adventures and tales of God’s provision they are sure to have.

As I hugged Myra this afternoon, words failed me. So here I sit, needing to get these out of my head so I can work.

Pastor and Myra,

You know where we came from when we staggered into your church that warm August day. We were hurting, we were scared, and we were somewhat timid. You and this church welcomed us with open arms. You accepted us for who we were, not what we could do, loved our kids, and let us, no helped us, heal. For that, we will be ever in your debt. Thank you for being there for a couple of hurting "kids.

You have been there to answer questions for parents who love their girls but have no clue what we are doing. You have assured us that we are, in fact, doing a good job.

You were there for us when we went through some very scary times. Bringing babysitters when Tim’s dad was in the hospital, and even driving them home so I didn’t have to wake sleeping kids. Myra, you were there when I was at my darkest hour, holding my hand and telling me it was OK, I did the right thing, and I will see my baby again. I couldn’t have made it through November without you.

You are the first pastor (and wife) my children, or at least my oldest, will remember. And, a part of me is thrilled that they will be able to watch you on this new journey.
Those girls love you.

So I say thank you for your ministry in our life. We love you, and you will be missed.

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