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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Sixth Birthday!

Five years ago tomorrow, I became a mother. Miss N arrived six weeks early and spent the first 13 days of her life in the NICU. I was a new mom who was unsure of everything, and she had the privilege of being my "guinea pig." In many ways she still is. :) She has grown into a smart, sassy, sensitive child who I love more than life itself. Thank you for introducing me to motherhood, sweet girl, and for growing into a sweet youngster.
Natalie: One Year Old

Natalie: Two Years Old

Natalie: Three Years Old

Natalie: Four Years Old!

Natalie: Five years old!

Natalie: Almost six years old

At six, she is very grown up all of a sudden. She is questioning things and less willing to accept my answer as fact. It is challenging and exciting to see her become even more her own person with her own ideas.

Here are some accomplishments over the last year:

Starting kindergarten

Becoming friends with her sister

Learning to add

Riding a bike (albeit with training wheels)
Learning to ride a pony
Discovering a passion and aptitude for Legos
Moving up a level in swimming lessons
Discovering a passion for art
Counting to 100
Counting by 10s, 5s, and 2s

Dear Miss N,

You are a beautiful girl with a big heart. You are always willing to share with others, as long as it is not required of you. You love with your whole self and feel it deeply when you have to say goodbye to someone or something that is precious to you.

You are an amazing big sister. I am so proud to see the way you have really learned to love your sister. You are also teaching her to stand up for herself with some of your efforts to get her to do what you think is best during your play, but all in all you are her best friend, and I love to see that in you.

You have a passion for nature and animals and are very comfortable around them. I remember when we went to the county fair and the farmer invited you into the cow's stall to see the baby calf. You had no fear even though that cow was a hundred times your size. You went right in and handeld yourself well. You have no fear around horses and know what to do and how to treat them. Pony camp and pony lessons helped with that.

You have an insatiable curiosity that is sometimes exhausting to your momma, but that I love nonetheless. You want to know everything you can about everything, and when mommy doesn't know the answer and cannot find it, you get frustrated. Do not worry, sweet child, soon you will know how to look up the answers for yourself, but for now I welcome the chance to teach you a bit.

You enjoy life to the fullest. Your passion is creating new and beautiful things. Every morning the first thing you do is pull out the crayons, paper, and scissors to create some sort of masterpiece before you go to school. Making a "project" is one of your favorite activities.

School is your favorite thing about life. You love your friends and your teachers and are truly thriving. While sometimes I miss you like nothing else when you are away, I am so thankful that you are doing so well in school.

As you turn six and continue growing into the young woman God has for you, I pray that you will allow Him to mold your sensitivity into something He can use. I pray that you will continue to love deeply and completely, and that your relationship with your sister will continue to blossom into the "best friend" thing I am seeing now.

I love you Natalie Joy, and you will always and forever be my first baby girl.


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