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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birthday Party Part II

We had a little party for Natalie and her friends in her playgroup. We enjoyed brunch, play time, and cupcakes. One highlight of the day was when Natalie was opening presents. I told her one present was from her friend Isabelle. She dutifully took the present over to Isabelle. I guess we need to work on learning "for" and "from." It was pretty cute.

She's really got the presents thing down.

Here are some pics of her friends. I'll leave names off for their mommies.

You should have seen the mommy behind me doing a silly dance to get them to all look at her. In spite of that, one little girl is not in the picture. Oh well, getting that many two year olds (and a one year old) to cooperate with pictures is definitely a challenge.

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