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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Natatlie's Latest Stats

Hi everyone!

I don't have any pics to upload because the battery was dead in the camera this week when I went to take some, but Natalie just had her 2 year old check up and I thought family might want to know her stats. She is a healthy little girl! She was very good at the doctor and got her first sucker after her shot. She didn't understand why she couldn't bite it, and we made sure it was in the garbage before heading to the van, but she enjoyed licking it for a while.

Height - 34 3/4 inches (75% for her age)
Weight - 26 lb 11 oz (50% for her age)

She is talking up a storm! She repeats everything we say now, and it's pretty cute. She recently mastered the word "puppy" and loves to point out every dog we see! She also likes to say "I tall" when she climbs up on something.

This week we went to a two-year-olds class at the local children's museum. The night before I told her we were going to go to the museum and learn about ducks. She has an amazing memory! When she woke up in the morning I asked her what we were going to do and she said, "ducky, ducky, ducky!" She enjoyed the class and I think it was her first time painting when we did the craft. We have a couple more of these classes in the next few months.

We are leaving in a few weeks (April 10) to go to Greenville to visit my brother, parents, and grandparents and attend Joey's senior voice recital. After that, preparations for the new baby will begin! We have to get Natalie's "big girl" room ready, which will take a decent amount of work. I can't believe the new baby will be here in just four months! Scary! We've decided to wait to potty train Natalie until after the baby comes. She will be 2 1/2 in October, which will give me a few months to adjust to having two kids, and I think we will start then. The winter will be better anyway since we won't be out at the park where there aren't bathrooms available.

In pregnancy news it looks like we will be OK with this baby so far! My bp is staying where it should be and I'm not too swollen, which were the two biggest problems from Natalie. My midwife said that she doesn't anticipate I will have the same problem, and even gave me permission to do an overnight trip a couple of hours away on our fifth (can you believe it!) anniversary, which is six weeks before the baby comes. That is when Natalie was born!

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