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Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun with Daddy

We've been enjoying the nice weather! Natalie loves to color outside with sidewalk chalk. We've been grilling a lot, and Tim will color with her while he grills. Here are the results:

Tim traced her and she thought that was great. She would point to it and say, "Me!" She definitely got a bath after this fun day!

Natalie is also quite fascinated by my headphones. She was wearing them the other day, and Tim put some sacred music on the computer (we're talking BJ, Wilds, etc.) She started "rocking out" to the music. Pretty funny!

Natalie loves to go to garage sales. Here she is with some of our "finds." I don't usually buy stuffed things, because of the whole germ issue, but these Cabbage Patch dolls were only 50 cents and they are in brand new condition. I couldn't believe it!

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Finally, I have found a solution to the toy clutter! Look at the newly organized toy area. Yes, the mural is almost done. Hopefully it will be done before baby #2 arrives!

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The Hall Family said...

Cute video and pictures! She's talking really well! We did sort of the same thing in our downstairs play room with the bins and stuff. I put pictures of all their toys on the front of the bins so they would know where they all went. It's already trashed again, but it looked great when we first did it! :D