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Friday, May 9, 2008

New Hat, New Hairdo

I haven't put up many new pics in a while, so here are some. The first are from our museum class today. It was all about fishies. Natalie really enjoyed it.

Making her fishy face. It looks surprisingly like her parrot face.

Making gills with her hands.

Jumping over the river. She helped the teacher pick up the river when we were all done.

Here she is with her new hat. It's a Seward Garage hat, but she insists on wearing it backwards.

So cute! I just wish I could turn off the drool switch so that rash would go away!

I am not sure where she learned this, but she started hiding behind trees and "counting" like you would to play hide and seek.

Here's the new hairstyle. She finally has enough hair for one pony tail instead of two. It keeps the hair out of her eyes, which is great!

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The Hall Family said...

She's such a cutie pie!! Her fishy face is too cute :) I always loved it when my girls' hair was finally long enough to style more than one way!