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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Natalie Funnies

If I kept a notebook with the funny things Natalie says I would use it, so I will chronicle some of them here. Grandparents will appreciate it, even if everyone else doesn't :)

The other day we were getting a movie set up and she said "I don't like television. Mommy and Daddy like television."

She's been trying to learn about what is "real" ever since we talked about Santa Clause being pretend. She said the other day "Mommy, babies aren't real." and I said "yes they are, why do you think they aren't real?"

Natalie: "Babies can't talk"

Mommy: "Are doggies real?"

Natalie: "Yes"

Mommy: "Doggies can't talk"

Natalie: "They make barking sounds down in their throats."

Last night she was eating and kept dropping her chicken off of her fork and she said "Goodness." Then "Goodness sakes."

She's been pretty sick but finally better. The other morning I got her up and she said "Mommy, how's my frow up (throw up) today?"

I also have succumbed to the illness, and almost every morning she says "how you feelin' today Mommy." When I was really sick she would say "I'm sorry you are not feelin' well." too sweet.

I just love this little kid. I was realizing last night that she hasn't been herself for over a month. The whining and neediness were really getting to me. It is so nice to have my happy-go-lucky kid back. I can handle the "two year old" stuff when it's just occasional like normal. I had not realized how "off" she was until recently when she started getting better. I pray we are finally over this battle with illness for the winter!

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Ann-Marie said...

I hope all the sickness is over for you guys, too. Hopefully, you got your full year's supply of sickness out at the beginning of the year.

She does say some awfully cute things!