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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Doctors

Megan is sick. It's nothing serious, just a chest cold, but she has been making this very scary wheezing/gasping sound - sort of similar to the sound someone with whooping cough makes. The first time it happened was Sunday night. She was crying, fussing, and tired, so I just assumed she was gasping due to crying so hard. We decided to see how she was Monday before calling the doctor. She slept horrible, so I decided to make her a chiropractic appointment for Tuesday.

Monday she seemed better, until the evening when even laughing would make her wheeze. In the morning on Tuesday I called her pediatrician, and he wanted to see her that day. I, of course, was nervous - pneumonia? bronchitis? something that would require an antibiotic? I wasn't sure.

I moved our chiropractor appointment to the late afternoon and bundled up the girlies and went to the pediatrician. He listened to her lungs and the noise (she did make it while I was there) and said she was fine. He had no suggestions for her bad sleeping, other than that she was not feeling well. He said the wheezing sound was due to the cold and her immature lungs. He sent me home with instructions to use a vaporizer and wait it out while watching to make sure she didn't turn blue.

I love my pediatrician. He is very thorough and honest with me. However, I was frustrated by this, even though I knew that there is nothing a doctor can do for a cold.

Fast forward to after nap time. We bundle up again and jump in the car to head to Dr. Pete. I tell him about her noisy wheezing, spitting up (buckets and buckets, to which Natalie replied "I was sick and a frew up in a bucket and momma cleaned it"). He started checking her and said that her ribs were all locked up (no, he does not adjust her ribs from her chest, but from her back) as was her neck. He also checked her tummy, pronounced that she had her signature hiatal hernia and he massaged her tummy back where it needed to be. She smiled and laughed throughout the adjustment.

We came home. She was her happy, bubbly self during dinner (normally a very very fussy time for her). I put her to bed at 7 and she slept until 1!!!!!!!!! This child has been waking every hour for the first five hours after I put her to bed for a couple of weeks.

Now, I refuse to say that was a coincidence. I love my chiropractor. Oh, and she barely spit up today and her wheezing is significantly better.


The Hall Family said...

I'll have to remember that when my kids get sick. I don't know if our new insurance covers chiropractic care for the kids though...I'll have to check in on it! I've heard so many people swear by it though. I hope Megan is back to herself soon!

MommaHarms said...

I don't always run there for the littlest sniffle, but when they stop sleeping, I get desperate. Our insurance doesn't cover it, but to me my sleep is worth it. I do have to be careful, though, since it is so pricey.

AnnesZoo said...

OH YES - CHIROS are the BEST - especially if you have a good one - not just the snap crack pop ones - but those that KNOW what they are doing and are up to date on the newest techniques and skills!

My chiro is very nice - he treats my kids for free if both my hubby and I come in (we have $20 co-pays each) - but we all get treated for the $40 and that is so worth it! Speaking of which - I gotta get us all back in! It never hurts to ask if they can do a family "plan".

Glad she's doing better!