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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great Easter Read!

I'm finally back at Feed Me Books Friday. If you are not familiar with it head over to my friend Janna's blog and check it out. If you love to read with your kids, it's a great way to learn about more books.


Natalie and I are almost finished reading Benjamin's Box. I ordered this book from Paperback Swap.com, because I wanted something that would teach the real story of Easter. This book is excellent! Last year I ordered some from Scholastic that I was severely disappointed in. They treated Jesus like a fairy tale, saying he was a "great teacher" and that "some people believe he lived." That is not what I want to fill my child's heart with!

Benjamin's Box takes the idea of the Resurrection Eggs and puts them in the context of Jesus' last week of life. It follows a young boy, Benjamin, who has a treasure box. As Benjamin follows Jesus from the Triumphal Entry to the Crucifixion and Resurrection, he collects small objects to put in his treasure box.

We have read one or two pages of this book every day this week and will finish it tomorrow. When we read about the crucifixion, here are the questions I received form my four-year-old:

Mommy, but why did Jesus have to die?

After I explained about sin and heaven and Jesus' blood, her response was: Why would he want to do that?

I love it! Her mind and heart are beginning to understand the true depth of God's love for her! The book is incredibly Biblically accurate, yet tasteful. While it talks about Jesus being beaten with a whip, it does not show too much blood to be in poor taste for a small child. I have been incredibly thrilled with this book, and Natalie already has asked if we will read it again next year for Easter. If you are a Christian with a young elementary or preschool child and wish to teach them the real story of Easter, this would be an excellent resource. Keep in mind I will receive slight compensation for the links posted above from Amazon, or you can go on Paperback Swap using the button below and order one for yourself.

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Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

This book looks excellent! I wonder if they have it at our library? Will have to check--thanks!

Janna said...

I like the idea of taking a few pages a day. Sounds like this would be a way better gift for Easter than a basket.

So glad to have you back!

Christy said...

Looks like a great book. Thanks for recommending it to us! I have been looking for something that is more true to our faith.

Cop Mama said...

I have never heard of this book, but I like the idea that they don't just treat Jesus like a fairy tale. My boys are a little young for it, but I want to read it myself! :-)