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Monday, April 26, 2010

Four-Year-Old Speak

Natalie continues to crack us up with the sweet and funny things she says. Here are a few recent ones:

Natalie: "Mommy, I'm going to make up my own verse. Micah 40:5. The Lord God made, holy and wise, some people were sinners, and they couldn't go to heaven." She has since added this part "Until they were not sinners and asked Jesus to be their Savior"


N: "Today is Mofvers Day" (Hands me a bunch of lilacs she picked at grandma's)

Me: Well, it's not really Mother's Day, but we can celebrate it if you want. What is Mother's Day?

N: It's a day we give our mofvers things.

Me: Why?

N: To say "thank you" for loving us and taking care of us. I love you Mommy!

Me: (melting heart, couldn't say anything!)


N: This horse is old. See it's face looks old. It's the grandma horse.

Tim: Are all grandmas old?

N: Yes, but not Grandma Jan and Grandma Harms.


We were watching Cinderella III that we got from the library. She did really well, only asking a few questions through it. The questions were appropriate too. She seemed to catch the character lesson. At the end when the Prince and Cinderella were about to kiss, she got all giggly and said, "They're gonna kiss. It's the best part!" Such a girly girl!


Here's a funny from Megan. Last night we were at some friends' house and the kids were all playing in another room. Megan came out to me patting her head, which she usually does when she hits her head on something. I was dishing out the sympathy and hugs, when my friend's husband came into the room laughing. "She just whacked everyone on the head with that golf club!" Apparently Megan is going to tattle on herself! She whacked all her friends with a toy stick then came out to tell me.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha Megan telling on herself that is really funny!

I love Natalie's logic. I am amazed at her perception of things.

I love you

Janna said...

Good Stuff!

Oh and you have to explain swagbucks to me I know I could have had like a million bucks already:)