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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Conversation with Miss M

Will the cuteness not stop this evening?

Daddy came home from work very (very) late. The children had already been fed, but I waited to eat with Tim. We were sitting down to eat and the girls were having a small snack since they ate their dinners well and were still up. Here is the conversation:

Miss M: Mommy eating?

Mommy: Yes, mommy is eating.

Miss M: Why?

Mommy: Mommy waited to eat her dinner with daddy.

Miss M: Why?

(Before I could answer the 'Lightbulb' look came over her face).

Miss M: Mommy (points to me) LOVE Daddy (points to Tim)!

Then she proceeded to kiss us both on the arm.

Yeppers, that is why I waited to eat dinner with my husband. I loved this moment!

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