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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Starting Something New

I started a new workout plan. It's called T-Tapp. A friend pointed me to it when I was looking for a strengthening program I could use on non-running days that worked well but took minimal time. The program claims to work and create inch loss in just 15 minutes a day. Skeptical. Yep. I researched for about five months and found no one who said they followed the program and it didn't work. I even found someone who went from a size 22 to a size 8!

So I started the program with a Bootcamp this week. Five days of the same workout in a row - you can do up to 14 in a row, but my body could only handle five before I got exhausted, which everyone in the forum said is normal (to get exhausted when your body is "done.")

So, today was measuring day after the first week of workout. Keep in mind that while I did try to eat a little better this week, I had way too much pop and did no no way diet.

My results after 7 days and 5 15-20 minute workouts: 6 3/4 inches lost!

Now, this is all over the body, so it's not dramatic enough that someone would notice. But i am pleased.

I plan to give this workout the full 30 days as outlined with the program, then incorporate T-Tapp with running. You can come with me on this journey as I am the guinea pig for the program. Oh, and for a bonus, this program is designed for anyone, even those with bad knees or backs. My knee has not given me any problems with this workout. She even has some programs specifically for those who have serious joint problems.

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Jan & Chris said...

Dad and I may join you in this journey. we are looking into it seriously.
Love you