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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I Overheard

Mommy is learning, slowly, but she is learning. What is she learning? That leaving her two cherubs alone with their toys means they fight far less than staying in the room with them.

Yesterday I sent them downstairs armed with new furniture for their dollhouse. I stayed with them for a while, then went about my motherly tasks. Here is what I overheard:

Miss M: (screaming in frustration at doll who will not stay on chair), Daddy ON CHAIR!
Miss N: Here you go sweetie, let me show you. Can I help you? That's it sweetie. There. Now he's on the chair. It's OK sweetie.

This repeated itself many times. Of course, play did end when they could no longer negotiate to share a particular toy, but it was a huge victory in that they played together for probably 40 minutes. And I was particularly thrilled with the sweet words coming from my almost five-year-old.

I am linking to Simply Modern Mom's Project 52. Check out great stories and photography from other moms through the link.

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Jan said...

Wow! that brought tears to my eyes- I love those little ones (and their parents) Miss you all terribly-

Kristi said...

Hi! So nice to meet you, I jumped over from Project 52! My girls have the same exact doll house and my oldest was just yelling at her doll Daddy about something, when she was supposed to be napping!

Angee said...

So sweet. Visiting from Project 52.