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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Blogging Platform

So, in case you aren't already aware, I have been blogging over at GoodBlogs. Now, I realize I have not explained how you can actually help me earn.

The way GoodBlogs works is you can earn $20 for any post voted to the front page. So far I have three out of five that have done this, so not too shabby. Voting is easy and free, but you do have to sign up. Hitting "like" on fb doesn't help me. To sign up, make an account on GoodBlogs. Make sure you "unclick" the places where it says something about follow up emails unless you want a bunch of emails when people comment after you. Then, to see my work, visit my page there.

Anything you do helps. Votes, comments, Facebook shares, Tweets on Twitter, (all using the button on GoodBlogs) they all help improve my ranking. Now, I have two posts that could really use some more votes. They are:

How a Stranger at the Pool Inspired Me


Does Sunscreen Protect Against Media Exposure

Now, I am not going to try to make a "real" living off of Goodblogs. It's simply not feasible, especially when I have other gigs that are certain pay. Yet, if I am going to blog on something on here, I might as well do it on Goodblogs, provided it's not just a family journal type idea, and have the chance of earning income. And, if you are willing to take 5 minutes to help and vote, that would be fabulous!

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