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Friday, May 13, 2011

Parenting With Wisdom Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Parenting with Wisdom talks about the “secret ingredient” to successful Christian parenting. According to Mrs. Pryde, “Wisdom is the most important element in successful parenting, the secret ingredient rarely mentioned in the many ‘recipes’ for well adjusted, happy children.”

So, again, this chapter helps set the foundation for the book, which is about finding wisdom as a parent.

One of the first points she makes is about relying on human reasoning rather than biblical wisdom when parenting our children. I struggle with this. I often rely on what “experts” say about children rather than looking to the Word. Here’s a good quote:

Christians who would otherwise immediately reject human reasoning as a basis for
making life decisions tend to lose their wariness if someone they hold in high
esteem is doing the reasoning. Because an author holds academic credentials . .
. (etc.) does not eliminate his propensity to error or eradicate sin’s effect on
the human heart.

She draws from Proverbs 24:3 “Through wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches” to drive home her point. While parenting books can be helpful, unless they are built upon the foundation of seeking wisdom, they are likely to fall short.

So how does one seek wisdom, in particular as it relates towards parenting? By making our primary focus knowing, learning, and applying God’s Word. Doing so gives us the filter through which to view all other parenting advice, as well as the foundation of wisdom that we vitally need to parent our children.

According to the book, parents make decisions on one of three factors:

* Advice of others
* Impulse
* Applying godly principles through wisdom

I, for one, know what camp I want to be in, yet I often struggle with finding the principle that fits the situation.

For instance, we have been dealing with naptime fits with our two-year-old. I have gotten a lot of advice from many parents, yet nothing has worked. Yet, finding a Biblical principle, other than the principle of obedience, which we are trying to enforce, has eluded me for quite some time. So, I have continued to pray, read, and seek. We have found a solution that appears to be working.

Through this situation, I have pondered that, perhaps, God wants to show me that no friend, book, online article, etc. has the answer and I am completely and totally dependent on Him to provide it through the Holy Spirit. Mrs. Pryde puts it like this: “We are wholly dependent on God to give the necessary wisdom and ability to discern His Word and apply it to life’s circumstances in practical ways.”

She also warns in this chapter about pride. In James 4 it clearly says that God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble. God will resist or appose the proud parent in her desires and attempts to parent her children. That fact is humbling, as I think many times it is easy to fall into the trap of pride when parenting an easy child, like my eldest, and thinking that you have it all figured out. Perhaps that is why God sent me my more challenging cherub second.

The final part of the chapter was a blessing and reprimand to me. It lists several characteristics of a wise mother, and then verses to back them up:

* A wise mother is a happy, pleasant mother to be around.
* A wise mother is blessed of God
* A wise mother is able to understand the Word of God
* A wise mother knows how to influence her family and others for good.
* A wise mother is able to discern good from evil.
* A wise mother understands the love of God and can communicate it to her children.
* A wise mother reaps the future blessings of wisdom.

How do you measure up? I encourage you to go to this book and read the scripture passages attached to these statements. I know for me, it clearly shows areas I am lacking. Rather than try to change those areas on my own, perhaps I need to seek wisdom by spending more time in the Word, and let wisdom and God’s Word do the changing.

So what are your thoughts? How does seeking wisdom look in your home? How do you filter the advice of “experts” and well-meaning friends that you so often hear?

Once again,I cannot more highly recommend this book so you can get the full benefit. You can get your copy on Ironwood Camp’s website.

If you want to read the summary of the first chapter, feel free to click here.


Michelle said...

I really do appreciate the emphasis on wisdom. Once you start realizing that the Bible doesn't give detailed step-by-step instructions for every situation, and yet trusting that God gave everything we need to be godly parents, then you start looking for what God intended.

me said...

Thank you for doing this review! I'm a friend of Michelle's, and I'm going through this book in my quiet times, and it's so nice to have your review at the end of each chapter! It's like we're in a Bible study together.
I really appreciated this chapter--it's comforting to know that all the step by step advice we sometimes get isn't necessarily Godly advice; seeking wisdom is the best. And sometimes wisdom looks different in each family. I was also reminded here that I like to give parenting advice too, and I need to make sure the advice that I give is filtered through Scripture, and make sure that I'm encouraging my friend to seek wisdom from God, not just from my wonderful years of experience:)