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Sunday, May 22, 2011


I realized the other night that the purpose of this blog - to share "Family News," had gotten lost. So, without further ado, here is how we spent our Saturday. It was a good one!

My favorite local park, a children's farm complete with animals and the best price tag (free) hosted Animal Mania yesterday. I had been planning to go to this for a long time, but waited to tell the girls because, well, weather around here is unpredictable. It was a rainy morning, but not too bad to go, so off we went.

I was a little disappointed when we arrived that although entrance to the event was "free," most of the activities were not. But, tickets weren't too overpriced, so I purchased some. First stop was pony rides. Miss N begged to be able to ride the spotted pony, and Miss M wanted to ride Huckleberry, the tiny white one. Miss N got her wish, and Miss M didn't seem to mind not getting hers. She rode all by herself on Blaze!

After that we checked out the painted horses and Miss N begged me to take pictures. She's very horse crazy. I was impressed by the friesian horses. So pretty.

After that Miss M started begging me to let her see the "Happy Face." She was referring to the clown that was doing face painting. I was surprised she wanted to see it, but off we went. This was as close as she would get: She talked about the "Happy Face" all evening and was afriad she would come to our house. :)

Miss N let her paint her face:

I was surprised by that too.

At that point some friends of ours came and the girls were very happily surprised to see them. We played a few games, then headed up to the animal barn to say hi to all of the animals.

Along the way we did a few projects and crafts

Then finished our morning with another pony ride.

After naps, it was time to get to work helping Daddy with his latest project (a patio expansion).

I swear, these two could spend their entire day outside without fighting once. Bring them inside and it's much, much different.

So, it was a lovely Saturday filled with family time and love. I love Saturdays like that!

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