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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Finish Line

Today, I had my last prenatal appointment with my wonderful doctor. It was short and sweet. Baby didn't pass the NST but she passed the long ultrasound so no worries. She's head down, contractions have begun, and she could come any time between now and my scheduled surgery Thursday.

I am feeling a tad emotional. This has been a very long, drawn out process. I am so grateful that none of the horrible complications that she was watching for happened. Sometimes, I feel a little foolish for being worried now that we are "done" (although there is still a risk of developing HELLPS or Pre-eclampsia in me after delivery), but when you have been down that path before, it is hard not to remember everything when similar things start happening.

Baby is almost here. I am almost ready to hold her in my arms. I have been longing for this day since November of 2010 when we said goodbye to our last baby so suddenly and so unnaturally. There have been so many emotional ups and downs in this process. Wondering if we were truly pregnant at the beginning when my numbers were going whacky. Waiting through signs of a miscarriage and wondering if baby would make it. Dealing with the blood pressure starting to creep up at 12 weeks and stay up throughout the process. Seeing the high risk people, doing test after test after test, and now, at the end, all of these crazy appointments.

We are done. She is almost here. And this mommy is feeling a bit teary.

Today I did my preliminary blood work and registration at the hospital. A couple of the people I interacted with asked if I was disappointed about the third girl. Honestly, when you have been down the path we have, how can you be? She is apparently healthy, full term, and almost here. How can you be disappointed in the gender God chose for her?

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