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Friday, August 24, 2007

Nothing Is Quite as Fun as a Balloon

Today I took Natalie to the grocery store and they gave her a free balloon. Normally she is scared of them, but I think because she saw some older kids with them, she wanted it. She carried it around all afternoon until Tim got home. It was pretty cute. She also said "Duck" today (it sounded more like "guck" but it was pretty obvious.)

As the school year begins, I am happy that I will not be returning. While working from home is a step of faith, because I never know how much work I will have, I am enjoying it immensely. Natalie is changing every day, and I want to be the one to mold her heart. We are going to join a playgroup to provide both witnessing opportunities and a chance to meet other kids.

Here are some pictures of my girl and her new favorite toy!

Sorry about the pacifier. I tried to grab it, but she wouldn't stop crying. We are working to break her off of it slowly.

I also thought it was cool that the balloon matched her outfit!

No balloon in this one, I just thought it was cute.


The Harrisons said...

aw - so cute :-)

The Hall Family said...

That's so sweet that she carried it around all day :) The free/cheap stuff is always their favorite things :P Dont' you just love her pacifier...maybe not? :P I'm so thankful that Elijah takes one though. My girls never did and Laney sucked on her finger...still does every once in a while...we're still trying to break her from it. At least you can take a binky away! Can't cut off her finger!

MommaHarms said...

Yeah, that's what I tell her daddy, but he wants me to break her of it, so we are trying.