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Sunday, August 19, 2007

We're Better and We Love Cousins!

Natalie is finally healthy! Yeah! We are so excited to have our happy little girl back. She has been eating a TON! It's almost like she is making up for a week of eating hardly anything. Oh, and her rash is better too - the $100 diaper rash cream did work! (She has a yeast rash). So anyways, this week I bought her a toddler bed off Craigslist. She's not ready for it, but it was really cheap and I wanted to have one on hand when I decide she's ready for it. She had lots of fun playing with it! Here's a video of that - NOTE: She does take a tumble off it in the end, but she is fine. Sorry grandmas, I know that will be hard to watch!

We also enjoyed a visit from Cheryl, Daniel, and Danelle (Tim's sister and her family). We took the girls to the Fair on Friday, and as you can see from the pictures, they really love each other! My brother Joey is here, too, so it's been a great weekend full of family visits! Enjoy the pics!

I let Natalie pick a duck at the "Everybody Wins" duck pond game. She liked the duck and wanted to keep it!

Here's Danelle pushing Natalie in the stroller.

They couldn't stop holding hands, until Danelle got tired of it.

Look, Mom, it's a piggie!

Enjoying presents from Great Grandma! Thank you! Natalie loves the monkey!

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